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What Kind of Valentine’s Card Should I Give?

Get ready – Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!

Whether you’re searching for ideas for your significant other, mom and dad, or other VIP’s in your life, the Valentine’s card is a staple of the season and shouldn’t be forgotten. Rather than going to your neighborhood pharmacy and grabbing a generic option last-minute, our custom decision tree will help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day card.

Want to see more amazing user-generated decision trees? Check out the Zingtree Gallery!

New Transition Effects: Fade and Slide


Our customer Mike P.  is a graphic designer, and he suggested we add some special effects to our trees.  We thought this would be cool, and with a little research and a few days of coding, we’re happy to announce two new transition effects: Fade and Slide. You can also set a speed for each effect.

Here’s what the Fade effect looks like:

And here’s the Slide effect:

Here’s how to add these effects to your trees:

  1. Go to the Publish tool, and choose Advanced Options for either Zingtree Hosted or Embedded.
  2. Choose an effect and a speed from the menu:
  3. Try it!

Got any other ideas for special effects? Let us know!

P.S. Thanks Mike!

Infographic: How People Use Zingtree Decision Trees

Below is a brand new infographic we created for our customers. We wanted to share how others are using Zingtree decision trees. If you’ve spent any time with Zingtree you’ll find it interesting.

Since sprouting in late 2013, we’ve helped over 7,500 organizations everywhere engage with customers, streamline support and business processes, build powerful sales funnels and more.

There’s a virtual forest of Zingtrees out there, and it’s growing every day. Have you planted your tree yet?

Get Featured: Submit Your Decision Tree to the Gallery!

We are always impressed by the creativity, effort and sheer amount of thought put into the decision trees that our customers create and use every day. Because so much hard work is put into the flow, connections and customizations within a decision tree, we made it easy to show it all off!

The Zingtree Gallery is our main hub for decision trees spanning all kinds of needs and use-cases. From medical triage to customer support troubleshooters, training simulations to product demonstrations, and just about everywhere in between, the Gallery is set up for you to view, export, or embed Zingtrees into your own website, view live usage stats and more.

Submit Your Own Decision Tree

Get ready for your spotlight! We made it simple to submit your favorite, most popular, or most interesting decision tree for all to see.

Others will be able to include your tree in their own site, your name and a link to your web site will appear with the embedded tree, and you’ll likely gather some admirers along the way. Additionally, all featured decision trees are hosted completely free!

To get your decision tree in the Zingtree Gallery:

1. Log in to your account and select My Trees.

2. Tap on the decision tree you want to submit, then More Tools.

3. Click to Submit to Gallery, then read and accept the rules.

4. Fill out the application form, along with any comments, and submit!

Please keep in mind: once a tree is accepted, you will no longer be able to edit it – be sure to make a copy of your tree before submitting!

Head here to submit your decision tree to the Zingtree Gallery! 


What in the World Do You Bring to a Holiday Party?

It’s true – the holidays are a stressful time! We thought we’d share this fun decision tree aimed to help you think a little less this season.

In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue…

Sometimes the best place to start is by example. We love creating and sharing Zingtree templates. If you haven’t visited the Gallery yet then make sure to make your way there now. We’ve culled some of our favorite Zingtrees for you to use as a template for an interactive decision tree of your own. And of course, we’re always welcome to see your creations and let you share them with other Zingtree users.

Recently, Zingtree user Peter, created this amazing interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure tree following the pathway of Christopher Columbus. It’s super fun and very informative. See how far you get to America, and feel free to make your own, simply “Copy” and customize for your own adventure Zingtree. Don’t forget to add yours to the Gallery!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.32.10 PM

Mobile & Tablet Stats

Today I was wondering how much people on mobile phones used Zingtree troubleshooters.  So we ran some stats on our usage data, and here’s what we found:

Mac 11%
Mobile (iOS and Android) 21%
Unix 1%
Windows 64%
Other 4%

We’ve always thought that Zingtrees are particularly helpful for mobile users (since I for one hate typing on my phone). And now we have evidence that mobile/tablet users are a significant part of your potential customer base.

Are you making Zingtrees specifically for helping mobile users? Let us know!



How to Train your Pet Rock

Our lead designer Debbie put together a great demo for Zingtree — a troubleshooter for training a Pet Rock. If you have a technical product that needs a super-simple way to handle support, this is a great example of how to do it.

The Pet Rock troubleshooter is here.

You can see how it’s put together by looking at it in the Zingtree Gallery.

Zingtree for Wizards

This comic perfectly encapsulates the need for Zingtree:

Wizard of ID

More great Wizard of ID comics here.