Monthly Archives: October 2014

Zingtree for Call Center Scripting

An enterprising author has discovered another cool application for Zingtree: Scripting for call centers. A lot of companies – both big and small – need a way to have consistent customer interactions when handling inbound or outbound telephone calls. We’re seeing a few customers already using Zingtree for just this purpose.

The article appeared on the Five 9 Community.

Zingtree Hosting

We’ve had a few requests to offer hosting of your trees. Some people don’t want to deal with embedding JavaScript into a web page, but nonetheless want to design and use a Zingtree tree. And now, you can take advantage of Zingtree hosting at no extra charge.

Just go to Tools, Publish and get your secret URL. Or if you are logged in and have selected a tree, just go here.

It’s that easy!

Video: How to use Zingtree Designer

Check out our new tutorial video for first-timers on how to work with Zingtree Designer: