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Wizard 2.0 – A Christmas Ornament for your Zingtree

What better time to release a shiny new trinket for your Zingtrees than Christmas day?

The next time you create a new tree, try the Wizard option. This new version of our Wizard makes it even easier than ever to create a tree, just by entering questions, buttons for possible answers, and body text for each node. The Wizard finds any unfinished parts of your tree, and prompts you for content each step of the way. The cool part of the new Wizard is the live preview, which shows you how each node will appear, as you type.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

P.S. Here’s what the new Wizard looks like:

Wizard 2.0

Lightweight Agent Scripting using Zendesk’s Sidebar App

Some of our customers have asked how to integrate Zingtree inside the Zendesk Agent interface. This can be really helpful for call centers especially, as an agent on the phone can go through a Zingtree script to help the customer on the other end of the call. You can easily set up a simple solution using the Zendesk Sidebar Icon app as follows:

  1. In Zingtree, log in, open a tree, and go to Tools, Deploy (or directly here) to get the URL for the Sidebar app.
  2. Install the Zendesk Sidebar Icon App. (In the Agent interface, go to Apps, Marketplace, and search for “Sidebar Icon”.)
  3. Once installed, the Sidebar Icon app will prompt you for settings. Insert the URL in step 1 for the iFrame URL.
  4. The Inactive Icon URL is:
  5. The Hover icon URL is:
  6. The Selected icon URL is:

The settings will look like this:

When you click the sidebar icon in Zendesk, you’ll see something like this:

We’re working on something more powerful, but for light weight scripting, the Zendesk Sidebar Icon app is a great, easy to implement solution.

How to Train your Pet Rock

Our lead designer Debbie put together a great demo for Zingtree — a troubleshooter for training a Pet Rock. If you have a technical product that needs a super-simple way to handle support, this is a great example of how to do it.

The Pet Rock troubleshooter is here.

You can see how it’s put together by looking at it in the Zingtree Gallery.

Zendesk Self (ie) Help

Today I got a chance to meet Mikkel Svane, the CEO of Zendesk, face-to-face. We chatted about Zingtree, and how well it fits into the vision of where Zendesk sees its support technologies going.

What struck me most was Zendesk’s emphasis on self-help, which seems counter-intuitive since one of Zendesk’s main strengths is ticket management and routing. On the other hand, Zendesk is really about providing the best solutions for Customer Support, and their aim is to provide a platform upon which other tools (like Zingtree) can make Zendesk even stronger.

Mikkel was even gracious enough to pose for a selfie with me:

Mikkel Svane selfie

Zendesk and Zingtree are both in the San Francisco area, and we’ve been to their offices several times already. We have a few other Apps and Integrations planned for the near future, thanks to their help.