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Call Center Scripts – Live Agent Scripting

call center scripts

After tons of research, we’ve launched what we believe is the ultimate live agent scripting solution, especially suited for call centers of all sizes. From easy deployment to intelligent pricing packages, Zingtree makes it easy to set up scripts for any type of live support!

Smart Pricing

Traditionally, call centers have high turnover, so keeping track of agents on a monthly basis can be tricky. The hassle of having to add or delete agents in multiple systems is a pain, which is why we developed a way to solve these problems.

Unlike other solutions which require prorating for partial months, and provisioning every time a staffing change occurs, Zingtree bills on a per-agent per-day basis.  Purchase daily agent credits in advance, and we count the number of agents using your Zingtrees on a daily basis and adjust your credit balance accordingly.  If you have a spike in traffic, or an increase or decrease in staffing, your Zingtree account balance automatically adjusts. When you run out of credits, we refill your account. You don’t have to tell us – it just happens automatically.

Implementing Zingtree live agent scripting costs $0.35 to $1 per agent per day, with volume discounts with larger up-front purchases. Learn more from the Zingtree Agent Pricing Page.

Agent Level Reporting

In addition to making it easier to launch scripts, you can also get some great reports on an agent-by-agent basis. We’ve also included an option to see summary stats and individual sessions for each agent. Now you can directly monitor how long your agents spend at a particular place in the tree, or if a specific agent is getting stuck somewhere. There are lots of reporting options, and we are always open to feature requests to develop exactly what you need.

Please contact us directly if you have questions or want to inquire about pricing as a call center!

Unlimited Nodes for All!

Just a quick change in policy — all free accounts are now given unlimited Nodes to use in building trees. Many of you found the 10 node limit on free accounts was too limiting, and we want you to be with us for the long haul.

Go crazy!

Updates: Decision Tree Customization and More


There’s nothing we love more than hearing from you. Your issues and uses of Zingtree. Which is why our March 8th update was inspired in response to several customers who asked for more ways to tailor the look and feel of your Zingtrees. Plus, we added a few more nifty reporting options, and some general cleanup based on your feedback.

We have more details on customization here, but here’s the summary of what else is new:

  • We now have a LinkedIn group set up for discussing all things Zingtree.
  • New option to customize by including custom CSS in Zingtree hosted, iFrame deployments.
  • Fixed alignment on deployed nodes with 1 or 2 buttons across.
  • Page titles and buttons can now include HTML — including FontAwesome icon code.
  • Clicks and usage reports with no data no longer show an error message. (h/t Blair)
  • Better session tracking reporting, with more accurate button click information.
  • Added source-tracking for iFrame.
  • Zingtree-hosted deployments now have tracking for individual agents or traffic sources.
  • The sessions list report shows total time for each session.
  • Properly track button clicks to open link nodes.

Have a feature request? Let us know! We’re listening.

Customizing Zingtree Decision Trees


We totally understand the need to expand the customizable features of Zingtree. The beauty in creating your own decision trees is the flexibility we allow to make it communicate, perform, and look the way you want it to! Since we’ve had requests for the ability to further customize the look and feel of deployed trees, we’ve added some basic yet powerful customization options to Zingtree to further improve them for your customers and for your company, organization, or project. Without further ado, you can (as of March 8th):

  • Use your own brand colors
  • Select fonts and styles
  • Add icons to your page titles and buttons
  • See your trees perfectly on tablet and mobile devices

To see an example of these new changes, we’ve altered our “What to Wear” demo with newly stylized red buttons and button icons.

More details below!


New Feature: Custom Persistent Buttons


Having action buttons on every node is an essential element of creating helpful Zingtrees.  We call these persistent buttons. For example, you could have  “Start Again” and “Search” buttons display with every node.  These buttons can jump directly to any point in your tree.

Here’s an example from our “What to Wear” demo, with buttons for “Start Again”, “Working”, and “Playing”:

It’s easy to make Zingtree include persistent buttons by adding to the URL that Zingtree gives you. Here’s an example of a URL with three persistent buttons for the tree above: Again|Working|Playing&persist_node_ids=1|2|3

In this example, we have node #1 going to a “Start Again” node, node #2 going to “Working”, and node #3 going to “playing”. These buttons will appear on every page at the bottom.

The display names of the buttons are in the persist_names parameter, separated by the | character.  The nodes that these buttons go to are in the persist_node_ids parameter, also separated by a |.

You can play with these options more from the Advanced Options pages when you Publish your tree.

Zingtree WordPress Plug-in for Interactive Decision Trees


Everyone loves WordPress! The top free blogging service out there, even our own Zingtree Blog is powered by the publishing powerhouse, which is why we made sure that your Zingtrees can become a seamless part of your site through WordPress. That’s right, you can now easily embed your decision trees onto a WordPress page for perfect customer-facing interaction and expert question-and-answer flow.

The short code looks like this:
[zingtree id="164166011"]

Or you can customize with a button that will immediately take the user to whichever node you’d like. Here’s an example of a persistent button we titled “restart” on every page that goes to the top of the tree at node #1:
[zingtree id="164166011" persist_names="Restart" persist_node_ids="1"]

Here’s another example of the Pet Rock demo embedded in this page, with a persistent Submit Ticket and Search buttons:

Log into Zingtree, select your tree, and go to the Share page for more info. Or download the Zingtree WordPress plug-in from here.


Update June 11, 2015:

You can now choose Panels style, like this:

[zingtree id="164166011" style="panels"]

Update August 2, 2016:

Watch this video to see how the plug-in works:

More Predictable Pricing



It’s always a challenge to find a fair and reasonable pricing structure for your products or services. With Zingtree, we had to do some serious brainstorming as there’s a lot of moving pieces. We wanted to have a low cost entry point for individuals and students, and a scaling that decreases the price as you use Zingtree more. This structure allows you (the author(s)) to dig into the nuts and bolts of trees; play with nodes, pathways to resolutions, and utilize the design as much as possible. Only when you launch or deploy your tree will you be charged by usage.

Our pricing works by counting end-user sessions, and you only get charged if someone clicks a button in your tree. It doesn’t matter if it’s one click, or 100, the cost is the same. You can think of this as “interactions” if you prefer. Since most of our customers have a good handle on the number of times a tree would be seen, we figured this would be the best way to avoid unpredictable charges.

The Starter Plan is great for the one-off decision tree, or just to get a feel for Zingtree itself. You can easily move between plans as your usage goes up and down. Whenever you sign up for a more advanced plan, you instantly get session credits, which never expire.

We did our best to create a reasonable pricing plan and hope that you feel so too. If you have questions about this structure or need clarification on the terms, please reach out and let us know.