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Nicer Zingtree Hosting


New today: improved Zingtree hosting. If you have been using Zingtree to host your trees, log in to Zingtree and grab the new Zingtree hosting code.  Nothing major, but we’ve added some Zingtree chrome around the tree display to make it look much better.

We’ve also released a tweak related to iFrame embedding so that it will operate better too. No need to update your embed code for this one – it just works.

Go (re)plant a Zingtree this weekend!

Zingtree Hosted Call Center Scripts and Other Updates

A new release of Zingtree went live today! The main benefit is that companies using Zingtree for internal use (like call centers or live agent scripts) now have an option to add and delete agents, have agents log in and get access to scripts, and track each agent’s use of Zingtree. We’ve also made it easier to create and manage multiple organizations on your account.

More details:


Agent Scripting Press Release

We’re proud to announce that we’ve “officially” launched our Agent Scripting for call centers. And you know what that means? Press release time! It’s up and out in the world, and you can read all the details and get the gist under the cut. Also, we’d love to get in touch if you write a blog or enjoy writing about customer service, call center technology, or awesome new companies in our industry. Please reach out to us over here!


Use Case Series: Education

When we first came up with the idea for Zingtree, we imagined that most of our use cases and primary customers would be tech support related: handling customer service issues, managing tickets, and using analytics to hone in on better ways to help users interact with disparate products and services. Shortly after launching Zingtree however, we realized the diversity of use cases for interactive decision trees was enormous. As a company that loves to learn about how and why people use our products, we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite Zingtree customer types — they come in all shapes and sizes.

Just last month, we got in touch with an associate professor at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. His advanced accounting students have been creating and using Zingtrees in some awesome ways and our professor is branching out to use decision trees for overall class materials, too!

My students and I have been using Zingtree in my advanced Canadian income tax course in our Masters of Accounting program at Brock. We are finding it very user friendly. The students have really gotten into using it to develop decision trees in Canadian tax.

I just completed a tutorial on a subject in Canadian tax using Zingtree. I have asked my students to comment on the use of Zingtree to present course materials. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

At the end of my winter teaching term I plan on exploring the possibilities of using Zingtree to develop course material.

If you have an interesting use for Zingtree and want us to hear about it, please let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or through Twitter. We can’t wait to hear about all of the ways Zingtree is helping you and your business thrive!

Zendesk® Agent Scripting App Certified

 We’re proud to announce that our Agent Scripting App for Zendesk has been approved in their marketplace!

If you’re running a live support team or call center, and you use Zendesk Zingtree makes it easy to have interactive custom scripts for each customer to help guide your agents through superior customer service. Plus, we’ve added a few integration points specific to Zendesk as well to make sure that you’re getting the most from your structure and reporting:

  • Persistent Sessions: If an agent closes a ticket, and opens it again, the Zingtree will reappear in the same state as it was previously, with the history intact. This is also true if another agent opens the ticket.
  • Back & Reset: The Back button removes the last item from the History. The Reset button deletes the entire history, and returns to the top of the tree in case you need to start over.
  • Zendesk Tagging: Add a tag to any node using the Zingtree Edit Node tool. When that node is opened in Zendesk, the tag gets copied to the Zendesk tags for the current ticket. Likewise, if the Back or Reset buttons are pressed, the tag is removed.
  • Customizable: Use a custom CSS file to override the default look and feel of your trees within Zendesk. Zingtree uses Bootstrap 3, so any Bootstrap 3 compatible CSS theme can be used or modified.
  • Valuable Reporting: Watch the step-by-step history of each agent interaction. See which Agents or which Nodes are taking the most time.
  • Automatic Agent Detection: The Zingtree Agent Scripting App automatically determines which agent started each session, so there’s no setup or provisioning needed for getting good agent-centric reporting.

Learn more about using Zingtree for live Call Center scripting here.


Server Upgrades, and one Bug Fix


Yesterday we noticed an all-time high in server activity, which is great for Zingtree because it means more and more people are deploying trees and using our tools. The downside was that for the first time we had a stretch of about 30 minutes with unacceptably slow performance.

In order to fix this and react swiftly, we upgraded our server setup as follows:

  • Any time we detect any single page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, we add a server instance.

As soon as we did this, we got reports of some people being logged out unexpectedly. This was a side effect of having more servers running, and we were able to fix this last night. So this should not be an issue moving forward.

If you’re curious, we’re running on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk system. This is used by a lot of big players, because it’s infinitely scalable, yet you only use what you need. So, we’ve got you covered moving forward. Please be sure to let us know if you have any performance issues at all!