In spite of all the world’s craziness of late, we’ve been hunkering down working remotely to continue to improve Zingtree and it’s various extensions. In particular, our Contact Center customers have been asking about ways to streamline adding notes to tickets, so we now have an Instant Notes option that works for Zendesk, Freshdesk, and any other CRM or Help Desk app. And lots of other goodies too.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added “show in search results for everyone/agents only/users only” option (Paula)
  • Added buttons to Copy to Clipboard or Copy to Ticket Notes (Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce)
  • Added webhook to calculate the number of days from today (medical application)
  • Agent Actions report (Abner)
  • Agent Portal now has a French language option, custom title option
  • Authenticated, secure file downloads (Ravi)
  • Google Sheets table lookup webhook (David)
  • Snapshots tool can now compare to next revision, show the number of changes between revisions
  • Zendesk New Ticket App supports form ID (Christian, Brice)

We’ve also made some handy updates:

  • Added immediate escalation option
  • Agent detail report now available directly from reports list
  • Agent feedback comments are now archived, not deleted
  • Better error messages when trying to edit the LIVE version of a tree
  • Can now access Organization reports via Account tab (Gregoire)
  • Consolidated infrequently used content editor tools into a dropdown
  • Consolidated position changes in nodes in snapshots change report
  • Exit nodes report now has tree name from subtree calls (Allie)
  • Node Times report now shows total of actions taken from each node (Abner)
  • Timestamps in Snapshots tool now show in user’s timezone
  • Tree searches now also look for email addresses in search scope
  • Zendesk New Ticket App – can disable transcripts in the description by adding “notranscript” to the app message (Jon)

And fixed a few things:

  • Adding Google Translate option now displays properly on mobile devices
  • Agent Detail report now works for All agents
  • Agent Portal switching into concise view lost agent_name, agent_first_name, other predefined variables (Lauren)
  • Another update for launching Kustomer integrations incorrectly (Cheyenne)
  • Can now debug sessions from LIVE trees (Ravi)
  • Changing a select box, then clicking “back” to return to the node with the select box now retains previously selected value (Paul N.)
  • Designer: Moving a duplicated node now saves the position of the new node properly (Rich)
  • Disabled search all option for trees rendering in Agent portal, can be done from main portal page
  • Editor buttons no longer disappear on smaller screen widths (Jim M.)
  • Eliminated “not found” halflings reference in bootstrap-zingtree.css (Darren)
  • Email node entry in Wizard now accepts multiple email addresses
  • File upload with spaces in URL no longer makes link in email node not work (Ravi)
  • Fixed error for Pause & Resume on a session with subtrees
  • Initializing a hidden variable then using it as a running total now works properly
  • Kustomer integration calls now work for embedded trees (Cheyenne)
  • Launching a tree search from the search button when viewing a tree makes Custom logo appear, better page title, hides tags-only search
  • Node Times Detail report shows number of visits in each session, sessions where node was an exit node
  • Pause and Resume on node with webhook now calls webhook again. This ensures data is reloaded (i.e. dynamic forms)
  • Resetting list box variables now works properly (Yassine)
  • Running total now works properly when a variable is set to a text representation of a number (Yassine)
  • Session detail view now shows proper time zone adjusted time for “first opened at” item
  • Spaces in date format (in Settings tool) no longer cause Zingtree hosted trees to fail (Charles)
  • Task Manager remote start data with single quotes no longer fails to register click steps
  • Using quick button link changer with multiple tabs open to different trees keeps on the proper tree (Paula)

Most of these updates came from customer input. Got any suggestions for us? Let us know!