What is the most effective way for a contact center to increase efficiency?

This question is brought up time and time again when call centers and customer support teams are looking to make improvements; knowing where to start can be a tough call, though. Our CEO, Bill Dettering, is an expert when it comes to this. He recently gave some insight and tips to the folks at CallMiner.com, along with two dozen other contact center experts.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the article that fill in the blank on,“the number one way to increase efficiency in a call center is by…”

Being responsive and getting back to potential customers in a timely manner. Prospective customers like to feel like they matter. Being responsive, setting follow-up reminders, and doing what you say you are going to do increases customer acquisition and helps the center run more efficiently. – Rachel Ivers, 8z Real Estate

To implement continuous training. Most centers do front-end training and that’s pretty much it. They don’t do anything else except maybe monitor a few calls and give some feedback. When it comes to contact centers, a huge amount of money is lost when someone has an undeveloped skill. If someone is making a mistake for two months waiting for his/her quarterly coaching session, thousands of dollars can be lost. Continuous coaching and training helps mitigate this risk. – James Pollard, The Advisor Coach

Using your wealth of customer data to give contact center reps every opportunity to connect with their callers. One of the most common complaints about contact centers is that the customer has to repeat their problem to multiple agents. Make sure you have software in place that gives all agents access to the same customer information, then give them the training they need to use it quickly and efficiently. Cutting out repetitive conversations will alleviate most customer service complaints and allow your agents to focus on resolving the issue at hand. – Paul Faust, RingBoost

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