While many associate the term “Black Friday” with the official start to the holidays, it actually refers to that time of year when many retailers see their profits go from “being in the red” to “being in the black.” Within the contact center world, only two seasons exist: pre-holidays and post-holidays. Fortunately for these centers, much of the chaos surrounding temporary agents can be minimized with personnel training and a good scripting solution.

For many organizations, this is the time of year when new relationships can be forged, giving scripts an important role in the overall customer experience. The holidays are the perfect time to show potential and returning customers the breadth of your product line, and even increase sales. Here are some of the ways that a call center scripting solution can enhance the customer’s experience (even when relying on less-trained, temporary agents):


All of the reasons why customers may call into your contact center can be tracked and monitored, and therefore specific scripts can be created so that customers will have a similar experience, regardless of the agent who takes the call.

Natural flow

Organized like a flow chart, scripts prompt agents to probe deeper or ask new questions depending on the answers given. This allows for a more natural flow of conversation where the customer feels they are being heard, rather than an agent reading off a linear script, which can come off as not only robotic, but disrespectful.

Train agents faster

Scripts, especially for temporary staff, can help call center agents deliver better experiences with less training involved. These scripts are in no way a replacement for training, but they do provide increased flexibility, especially during the holidays.

Improve customer experience & KPIs

Scripts that incorporate best practices from top performing agents can positively impact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By standardizing best practices within your call center through scripts, poorer performing agents and temps can more quickly, improve their performance, and deliver more consistent customer service.

There are a number of ways that contact centers can prepare for the upcoming season, from cloud-based workforce management software and scheduling solutions to scripting. When these scripts are done right, most customers won’t even realize the agent is being guided. And, with strategic planning that starts well in advance of the holidays, there is no reason that contact centers can’t easily handle the increased hustle and bustle!

This article was written by Tamara Irminger of MHI Global. Are you interested in submitting a guest blog post? Please contact us!