We recently had the pleasure of contributing a guest article on the CrazyCall blog about some of the best ways that call centers can inject more personalization into their daily customer service practices. We’re so excited about being featured on their site, we wanted to share with you. Here’s just a quick excerpt from the post, but you can read the full thing on the CrazyCall blog.

In an era of always-on access, providing fantastic customer service in a call center environment is a must. To stay ahead of the competition, keep buyers, and win over new customers, non-stop customized access is necessary. One huge factor that many call centers, sales teams, and businesses may be missing? Personalized customer service.

Offering personalized customer service is about treating people as people, not as “the customer.” It’s also about empowering them through self-service with a personal touch. This leads to customer loyalty, confident agents, higher sales, and better competitive advantage.

If you’re a business with a devoted call staff, a sales team looking to improve, or a full call center, here are some ways to add more personalization to the mix.

1. Take advantage of automation

Personalized customer service is becoming a reality through advancements in automation. A recent Forbes article discusses how “leveraging AI in the contact center increases the effectiveness of customer service departments by freeing up more time for frontline representatives.” What does this mean? Automation saves agents enough time that they can spend more time with customers that need one-on-one care.

Some uses for automation are to:

– intelligently route customers to the correct department
– collect necessary data before hopping on the phone
– share information in real-time between agents or teams

This is possible with the help of chatbots, CRM integrations, scripts, and other automation tools.

Head to the CrazyCall blog to read the rest of our article >>

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