As we finally head into Spring, we’ve made Zingtree even easier to use, so you’ll have a little more time to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. Most notably, you can now find all of the Zingtree tools from the Tools menu, update your publishing settings without having to change the URL of your tree, and have greater control over versions when using Push Live.

The New Mega-Menu

When you now click the Tools menu, you’ll see what we call a “mega-menu”, which contains all of the Zingtree tree tools, organized like this:

Updated Settings

The Settings tool is now more complete. Previously, you would have to change some of the URL parameters when publishing your tree to do things like hide the tree title, include Persistent Buttons, or enable History or Breadcrumbs. Now, these options are all available within the Settings tool. For example:

Push Live Enhancement

And if you’re using Push Live, it’s now easier to switch between the Development and Live versions of your tree from the top part of any tool:

Other New Features

  • Session Details now has a Debug link for Logic Nodes, which also passes along variables from that step.
  • Preview now jumps back and forth into the Settings tool to change rendering and display.
  • Added a new “Load Images when Needed” setting for a performance increase when the tree first displays.


  • Visual Designer shows a LIVE tree marker, and gives better error messages.
  • The Main Tools page now hides tools which don’t apply to LIVE trees.
  • The Alert message for required radio button fields no longer shows several redundant warning alert messages.
  • The maximum number of nodes in a document node is now 500 (Cathy Mc).
  • The Logic node tester now shows the Default branch if all other expressions were false.
  • Publishing Links are now simplified – no advanced options needed!
  • Gallery tree view is simplified.
  • Cleaned up Thumbnails Overview (removed Export button, Style switch).
  • Underscores in date format URL parameter get converted to spaces (Cathy Mc).
  • Simple Logic Nodes now have a Debug Logic Node option.
  • JSON errors in tree data now show error messages to authors.
  • The maximum file upload size is increased to 50 MB from 10 Mb (Q.).
  • Document nodes now replace #session# with session ID (Cathy Mc).
  • The Wizard no longer saves blank buttons or asks for guidance on blank button entries (Gemma R.).
  • The Session List report defaults to show session IDs instead of session numbers.
  • CSV Import / Export now supports email nodes, success/failure, and continuation nodes for Document nodes (Katie).
  • The Search tool now does case insensitive matches.
  • The Browser tab title is now the name of the tree for Zingtree hosted trees (Nicole).

Bug Fixes

  • Logic Node debugging now works properly for Gallery trees (Nichola).
  • The Import File tool no longer gives the option to overwrite LIVE trees.
  • Blank radio button entries don’t appear as options, and no longer mess up “required” state (Donald S.).
  • The Feedback and Session Notes button tooltips now eliminate potential flickering (Meredyth G.).
  • Session Notes now works properly in embedded trees.
  • Thumbnails overview is better about returning to the previously edited node in trees with videos or lots of content.
  • Thumbnails overview now shows updates after editing a node (the previous tree version is no longer cached).
  • Preview, then edit and return to Preview no longer caches outdated content.
  • The API page now loads the most recent organization to display the API key properly.
  • Logic Nodes converting from Simple to Advanced now translates == and single-quoted string data properly.
  • Search and replace now works with question text (Gemma R.).

Thanks to all of the customers who made suggestions or pointed out things we could do better. If you have a tip for us, let us know, and we’ll spring into action!