Tracking your customer care progress is important for employees, customers and long-term business goals. Customer care metrics are all about consistency, whether that’s aiming for first call resolution on every single call, or making sure that each customer receives a uniform response to their customer care query. Tracking these metrics allows you to quantify the success of your customer care efforts and keep your team motivated to improve.

Like many other operational metrics, customer care metrics need to be clearly defined and well understood to be effective as a management tool. Good customer support metrics should follow the SMART guidelines:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Working specifically within a call center environment? Take a look at our previous article on improving your KPIs with agent scripting. You can also take a look at the Freshdesk blog, which is a useful resource when working on your customer support metrics.


Top 5 Customer Support Metrics to Track

1. Resolution Time

This is the elapsed time from the customer alerting you to their need until that need is met. It is important to know how quickly you are resolving issues as this is the most basic indicator of how well your support team is doing and whether they are meeting customer needs. Zingtree helps you to reduce resolution time with our self-service decision trees and agent scripting tool.

Self-service decision trees help avoid the customer care call altogether by gently guiding customers to answers all on their own. Not only do they help customers to self-solve, but they also help to quickly gather background information that can improve resolution time.

Zingtree’s agent scripting tool empowers you to craft uniform scripts that make sure your agents are in control of the call and always providing a consistent response.

You can see Resolution Time in the Session List report:


The Session List report also allows you to see which agents take the most time and which achieve the best results. Plus, you can easily filter the data by agent to look at each individual’s performance as a whole.

2. Number of Tickets

More is usually better—unless it’s your ticket volume. When your business is just starting out, you’ll likely be excited to see more support tickets coming in. But over time, your products should be intuitive enough to use, and your self-solving clear and efficient, that people won’t have as many questions for your team. Zingtree helps to reduce ticket volume by giving your customers the power of on-demand, interactive self-help. Zingtree’s simple question and answer style format makes it easy for customers to get solutions on their own, without the need for an expensive interaction with your customer care team.

3. First Call Resolution (“FCR”)

Engaging with customers multiple times is both inefficient as well as frustrating for the customer. First Call Resolution (“FCR”) is a measurement of the number of customer calls that are resolved during that interaction, and do not require any follow-up for additional information. With agent scripts in place, call center representatives can quickly and easily match customers to the right problem and/or solution through an interactive guide, making the process of improvement infinitely smoother than other options.

4. Top Performing Agents

Knowing who your top performers are enables you to build a strong and responsive customer service unit. Benchmarking agents or reps creates healthy competition while letting you identify those that may need extra nurturing. Agent Performance is a direct measure of how effective call center agents are; a necessary metric to keep an eye on in order for true improvements to occur. After all, your agents are at the front lines of every customer interaction! With our Agent Scripting tool, you can easily track each agent interaction and each customers’ reason for needing support, as well as access Session Matrix reports on how your script is being used by agents within a given date range.

5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

While Customer Satisfaction (“CSAT”) focuses on general happiness and actionable feedback, the Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) is one of the simplest (and most accurate) indicators of the impact the customer support experience has on the customer’s overall perception of your company. Take a look at our article on survey building, to see how you can easily run powerful NPS surveys with Zingtree. You can also use Zingtree’s “results” categorization tools to track how well the support is going. Each node in the tree can be categorized with “success”, “failure”, or an “unknown” result.


Using Metric-Based Information to Be Better

Tracking metrics and weaning intelligence from them leads to better decisions, happier customers and helps contribute to the longevity of your business itself.

Not all tools are alike in helping customer support agents and managers to accurately and effectively track the most key metrics. Zingtree is the leading decision tree and agent scripting tool out there that provides in-depth analytics and reports to help optimize on all fronts.

Get started with your Zingtree free trial today and see how you can save time and money by supercharging your customer care.