After tons of research, we’ve launched what we believe is the ultimate live agent scripting solution, especially suited for call centers of all sizes. From easy deployment to intelligent pricing packages, Zingtree makes it easy to set up scripts for any type of live support!

Smart Pricing

Traditionally, call centers have high turnover, so keeping track of agents on a monthly basis can be tricky. The hassle of having to add or delete agents in multiple systems is a pain, which is why we developed a way to solve these problems.

Unlike other solutions which require prorating for partial months, and provisioning every time a staffing change occurs, Zingtree bills on a per-agent per-day basis.  Purchase daily agent credits in advance, and we count the number of agents using your Zingtrees on a daily basis and adjust your credit balance accordingly.  If you have a spike in traffic, or an increase or decrease in staffing, your Zingtree account balance automatically adjusts. When you run out of credits, we refill your account. You don’t have to tell us – it just happens automatically.

Implementing Zingtree live agent scripting costs $0.35 to $1 per agent per day, with volume discounts with larger up-front purchases. Learn more from the Zingtree Agent Pricing Page.

Agent Level Reporting

In addition to making it easier to launch scripts, you can also get some great reports on an agent-by-agent basis. We’ve also included an option to see summary stats and individual sessions for each agent. Now you can directly monitor how long your agents spend at a particular place in the tree, or if a specific agent is getting stuck somewhere. There are lots of reporting options, and we are always open to feature requests to develop exactly what you need.

Please contact us directly if you have questions or want to inquire about pricing as a call center!