Zingtree has powerful built-in analytics. In this series, we’re taking a closer look at some of these in-depth reports and how they help you learn even more about how customers use your trees. 

Traffic Map Reports

The Traffic Map report shows a visual overview of the amount of traffic to each node in your particular decision tree. Set in the Zingtree Designer view, you can quickly access a complete view of the content in your decision tree nodes, as well as a breakdown of the traffic to each, shown in both number of clicks and percentage of total traffic.

To access the this report, go to Overview > Reports and select Traffic Map from the dropdown menu. You can specify an exact date range to pull the results from before clicking “Show Report.”

Because your report generates automatically in the Zingtree Designer, you can easily see how much traffic your tree nodes received at-a-glance — the thicker, heavier lines indicate more traffic, while the thinner lines show the least visited nodes.

Select “Buttons” to show or hide button labels from your view, depending on your preference.

If you’re looking at a more complex tree, get a closer or further view with the Zoom In / Zoom Out buttons.

And use the scroll bar to pan up / down or left / right as needed, which is also particularly helpful for larger decision trees.

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