zingtree libraries

Have you ever required a way to access and reuse the information in your decision tree nodes in more than one tree? With the Zingtree Libraries functionality, you can easily create a single source of reusable content that can be inserted into as many different of your decision trees as you need.

With a library in place, you’re able to compile a single source of all of your most critical content. When you insert content from your library into a decision tree (or many trees), every edit to that master list is automatically applied to all of the trees where that content appears. It’s the fastest, most seamless way to introduce mass changes from one centralized place, as well as keep your overall content and information up-to-date in the most convenient way possible.

Setting Up Libraries

Libraries are simple: They draw from another tree and a specific node within that tree; the content area of that tree and node can be inserted into any other tree.

Example: Insert this code into the content area of your tree to include content from tree #123456789 node #10:

#‌#library: 123456789,10 ##

More on Libraries:

  • You can only use a library from the same organization as the active tree displaying. This prevents someone else’s content from appearing in your tree.
  • If your tree is displaying as a LIVE version, then the library content will be pulled from the LIVE version of the library tree. If the tree including the library content is a DEVELOPMENT version, then DEVELOPMENT content is displayed instead.

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