As part of our strategy to stay ever-vigilant about security threats (especially in the light of recent news with other companies), we’ve been spending extra cycles hardening and triple-checking our security and server infrastructure, while also doing our best to continue to improve our product. So while this quarter’s list of updates may be shorter than usual, we’re doing quite a bit behind the scenes to ensure the continued safety and reliability of our service.

New Stuff

Here’s what’s new since our last updates post:

  • Added final node result status to global form data report
  • Added German to the list of language options
  • Added MFA support to SSO
  • API for doing “AND” keyword searches
  • Default My Trees sort by My Rights, then by Last Modified
  • Default super-user view in My Trees to “All Authors”
  • During signups, new user will be asked if they want to join an existing organization if applicable.
  • Export as JSON all trees belonging to an organizational
  • For score variables, we now allow embedded variable references
  • Improved Event Log diagnostics for Zendesk integrations
  • List Boxes now have “required” option
  • Node mass-redirect tool (with support from updated overview UX)
  • One step push live activation
  • Option in Session Detail page to hide top and bottom chrome
  • Third type of conditional view content (hide both end-user and agent content).
  • Updated Create Tree page with simpler flow
  • New Publishing Links page: Walk authors through choices of publishing links
  • You can now add variables in the agent feedback option email address


Here’s a list of things we fixed:

  • [[USER-ONLY]] content now show in hosted tree when SSO is enabled
  • Clicking persistent button from a subtree with no corresponding node in main tree no longer throws JS error
  • Clicking Restart no longer erases all variables even if setting to keep them is ticked
  • Document nodes with lots of conditions no longer trigger errors
  • Editing Logic node buttons in Designer no longer destroys evaluation order, causing some evaluations to fail
  • Fixed Error occuring when setting node escalation to “new node”
  • Fixed bug preventing PDF forms from working properly in some circumstances
  • Fixed timeout issue during excessive load
  • Google Sign-in now properly tracks agents
  • Importing a file no longer disables Push Live
  • In Agent tree view, history label appears better.
  • Node Picker shows friendlier text when node returns to previous tree
  • Removed “new node to create later” from the escalation node choices
  • Restarting a tree reruns apps/webhooks in root node
  • score and score_var attributes no longer stripped by node content editor
  • Copy Tree option from Gallery fails now appears when logged in
  • Copy Node no longer ahows LIVE trees as a destination
  • FAQ and Gallery headers show logged-in status
  • Link node preview in node picker fails wraps long URL
  • Single quotes in link node URLs handled properly in content node editor
  • Variables tool no longer allows adding variables to LIVE version

As always, we continue to listen to your feedback, and we log every request. So if you have an insight on how we can make Zingtree better for you, drop us a note.