Fall is officially here, which means most people are now hunkering down and getting productive again after summer adventures. So although the leaves may be starting to fall in the world’s wooded areas, our Zingtree capabilities keep growing.

Here’s a summary of the enhancements to Zingtree in the last month:

New Stuff

  • Can now upload custom logos for agent portal, task manager and Zingtree hosted trees.
  • Document nodes can now use advanced logic, and also have a logic debugger (Birte, Meredyth, Lee).
  • New Zendesk New Ticket app creates tickets from any node in your decision tree.
  • In My Agents, you can now select multiple agents for bulk deletion or adding and removing tags.


  • Action buttons now also appear in Content tab in Node Editor.
  • Added password reset link to task manager login page.
  • Adding _lc to the end of variable names converts the variable to lowercase.
  • Better bulk delete nodes option in Simple Overview.
  • Can now specify just certain variables to appear in the form data report via the Settings>Data tool (Ian M.).
  • Better UX on the My Agents page.
  • Email app now can use an email variable to send an email message.
  • Freshdesk New Ticket App now logs into event log.
  • host-trees.php can now pass along salesforce object ID (sf_id) (Craig I.).
  • host-trees.php now has a default_tree_id parameter option to jump to a specific tree if no matches are found.
  • Max file upload size increased from 25 Mb to 40 Mb (Cathy Mc).
  • Now allows common MathML tags in node content editor (Walter F.).
  • SMS app checks for valid return codes, places result in sms_result variable.
  • SMS app now can use a phone number variable to send an SMS message.
  • Zendesk app V13 now can jump to default tree if no matching tags are found (Jim R.).


  • All-trees-search no longer shows results from archived trees (Mathieu).
  • Freshdesk ticket submitter now works properly if no custom fields exist.
  • Logic Node debugger now works for “contains” operation.
  • Preview now scrolls to top of tree (John B).
  • Salesforce Object Updater now writes transcript to other objects besides Cases (Craig I.).
  • Zendesk Agent Scripting – adding new ticket with tag matching in effect no longer makes infinite loop (Jim R.).