As Zingtree continues to grow and evolve, we’re taking steps to make everything under the hood work smoothly for everybody. There are a few updates to our Freshdesk and Salesforce integrations, some new reporting, and fixes for a few edge-cases our customers have encountered.

New Stuff

  • Node Times – All Trees report (h/t Abner).
  • Salesforce app now can create objects (when running outside of Salesforce).
  • Can set the default organization from the Organizations & Billing page.


  • Added an API call to update a session result status (i.e.
  • Added report preview samples for Change Log. Also, Reset Dates now always goes to the proper place.
  • Can now relaunch a session from a specific node (h/t Ravi).
  • Freshdesk new ticket app sends numbers properly. String fields that are entered as numbers may fail though (h/t Nithin).
  • Freshdesk New Ticket app shows better error messages in case of errors creating the ticket.
  • Updating node results now works faster for accounts with lots of sessions (Kristen).


  • All Zingtree Salesforce fields (including new ones) now appear in the Zingtree Salesforce app.
  • Eliminated JS error when previewing.
  • Enabling session notes no longer causes webhooks to fail (h/t Nithin).
  • Firefox 71 now likes OpenSans fonts.
  • Logic node evaluator now removes commas from numeric variables for proper comparisons (h/t Larissa).
  • Logic node tester works properly for simple logic nodes and equals test.
  • No error message when copying node from a large tree (h/t Bonnie).
  • No longer allowed to try to escalate when an escalate time is specified, but no destination node is set.
  • Persistent button clicks on a node with a button click variable no longer reset that variable (h/t Agata).
  • Preview sessions no longer try to escalate
  • Signups are no longer verified until they finish the signup process.
  • Weird Unicode characters in node titles or question no longer cause Designer PNG export to fail (h/t Marianne).