Freshdesk Agent Scripting App


If you’re running live support or a contact center with Freshdesk, you’ll want to use the latest Zingtree Freshdesk app for Agent Scripting. This update supports the new Freshdesk Mint interface and helps guide live agents to solve problems and follow processes.

With a single button click, your decision trees appear like this in Freshdesk:

Note: This app will appear in the Freshdesk App Marketplace soon, but here’s how to install it today.

Get Started

Install this custom app in Freshdesk as follows:

  1. Go to your Freshdesk Admin, and click on Apps (under Helpdesk productivity).
  2. Click the Custom Apps tab, then New Custom App.
  3. Click Add New App. Then choose Custom App.

  4. Download the app from here.
  5. Now, choose the file you just downloaded, and click Upload App File.
  6. Enter a name for the app, and any other required information. Then click Publish.

Freshdesk may take up to 30 minutes for your app to be available.

Install and Configure your App

Once uploaded, you can install your new app as follows:

  1. Click the Admin icon, then Apps.
  2. Click the Custom Apps tab.
  3. Click Get Custom Apps.
  4. Choose the app you just uploaded.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Configure your app (see below) and click Install.

There are two settings for your app:

  • The tree ID of the tree you want to appear first (required). The default just shows all the data variables passed into Zingtree.
  • An option to send data from your Freshdesk ticket to Zingtree. If you enable this, you’ll be able to show information from the ticket in your decision tree or do automatic branching using Logic Nodes.

Using the Agent Scripting App

When viewing a ticket, click the Zingtree button at the top:

The decision tree you configured will appear:


Zingtree decision trees are easy for anyone to use immediately. But there are a couple of bonuses under the hood you will appreciate:

  • Pause and Resume: When you reload a ticket and click the app button, the decision tree will return to the last place visited. In addition, you can click the History link to see what transpired previously. This is really helpful if a call is dropped, or if a ticket is transferred to a new agent.

  • Agent Feedback: At the bottom right, you’ll see the Agent Feedback button:

    Your agents can click this to send comments back to the authors of the tree. This is a great way to continue to improve your knowledge base, and also involve your agents in the publishing process.



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