We are always impressed by the creativity, effort and sheer amount of thought put into the decision trees that our customers create and use every day. Because so much hard work is put into the flow, connections and customizations within a decision tree, we made it easy to show it all off!

The Zingtree Gallery is our main hub for decision trees spanning all kinds of needs and use-cases. From medical triage to customer support troubleshooters, training simulations to product demonstrations, and just about everywhere in between, the Gallery is set up for you to view, export, or embed Zingtrees into your own website, view live usage stats and more.

Submit Your Own Decision Tree

Get ready for your spotlight! We made it simple to submit your favorite, most popular, or most interesting decision tree for all to see.

Others will be able to include your tree in their own site, your name and a link to your web site will appear with the embedded tree, and you’ll likely gather some admirers along the way. Additionally, all featured decision trees are hosted completely free!

To get your decision tree in the Zingtree Gallery:

1. Log in to your account and select My Trees.

2. Tap on the decision tree you want to submit, then More Tools.

3. Click to Submit to Gallery, then read and accept the rules.

4. Fill out the application form, along with any comments, and submit!

Please keep in mind: once a tree is accepted, you will no longer be able to edit it – be sure to make a copy of your tree before submitting!

Head here to submit your decision tree to the Zingtree Gallery!