Google Analytics is an industry-leading web analytics tool that gives you greater insight as to how users are interacting with just about any online or mobile property. Zingtree can use Google Analytics to allow you to get even more robust and powerful tracking data.

As part of this series, we will guide you through some of the Google Analytics basics, as well as information about how you can integrate Zingtree into your reporting process in a strategic way.

About Tree Resolution

Zingtree empowers organizations to allow their users self-solve using dynamic, interactive decision trees. Allowing users to self-service their support needs not only cuts down on human resources, but has also been proven to lead to more satisfied customers.

To better understand how efficient your Zingtrees are at helping your customers get answers faster, it’s important to measure the results of your decision trees. You can do this labelling each node in your tree as a “success,” “failure,” or an “unknown result.”

For more information on how to track these results, please see:

Viewing Tree Resolution Data in Google Analytics

After you’ve configured your resolution nodes, Zingtree will automatically begin sending this information into Google Analytics in the Events interface:

Referencing the example below, we know that 95% of users that make it to the end of our decision trees are able to self-solve, which the remaining 5% require more assistance.

Disclaimer: Due to the limitations of Google Analytics’ Event Tracking functionality, a “success” and “failure” event can be associated to the same session. Because events are fired based on when a page is viewed, if a user views a “success” and “failure” node in the same session, both events will appear in Google Analytics. In our experience, these instances are generally isolated, but feel free to also consult Zingtree’s internal reporting for more data about tree resolution.

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