Call Center Scripting Software

For call centers and organizations, efficiency, effectiveness, and personalization are critical drivers in how a customer will react or respond to a communication, especially considering the aversion to the dreaded phone tree. Organizations like Easy Insurance Scripts are using call center scripting software to help agents achieve positive results with phone support, while also adopting a self-service, guided mentality. Call Center scripting software is the wave of the future in call center and customer support technology, providing a fresh platform for traditional customer service efforts to flourish in a few important ways.

1. Standardizing for Best Practices and Accurate Information

Using call center scripting software to standardize processes across every single agent is the best way to ensure that employees are following standard operating procedures and best practices and that customers are ultimately receiving the correct information. Plus, Zingtree makes it easy for call center agents to give relevant feedback to script authors, thereby continually improving the quality of information over time. When a call center script has been tested, observed, and approved due to high performance, it can only mean positive things: customers are satisfied, agents are happy and efficient, and brand loyalty goes through the roof.

2. Integrating More with Existing Online Tools

In a call center environment, many CRM tools and other applications are used in order to keep track of communications, customer data, scheduling, and more. A call center scripting software integrates directly with any CRM tool (like Zendesk,, Salesforce, and others) to provide a seamless experience for agents and frictionless sharing of collected customer data. It’s incredibly important (and vital to a call center’s performance) to have these types of tools “talk” to each other and be able to share data. For instance, having the ability to integrate Zingtree with a platform like Zendesk allows call center agents to access data about a specific script-based conversation directly within Zendesk.

3. Making it Easier to Make Improvements

Call center scripting software makes it easier to improve and optimize scripts regularly, as standards change, or as things change with the company. With powerful analytics to track performance, reports helping decipher the user’s journey, and ways to easily collect customer feedback every step of the way, it’s far easier than many traditional call center tools to keep things running smoothly.

In Blue Shield’s case, they have “begun implementing Zingtree to bring the written process to a more interactive state” in order to truly optimize and improve the process of customers receiving the answers they need. By having this interactive environment for agents to work within, gathering new information and other data from customers that can ultimately help them becomes a simple, automated task.


Zingtree call center scripting software is the preferred tool for many businesses and call centers to develop, deploy, and monitor call center scripts and interactive decision trees. Companies like Blue Shield of California and Easy Insurance Scripts partner with Zingtree to combine call center experience with the dynamic technology of interactive decision trees and call center scripting. With a toolkit for building interactive training simulations and call scripts, independent agents and large call centers alike are more effective, productive, and helpful.

“For me, the ROI of Zingtree is immediate. Introducing standardized decision tree scripts for insurance has allowed the insurers in my network to really thrive. With scripts for guiding conversations, interactive trees to train new agents, and the reporting that comes along with it, agents are able to provide a better customer experience that’s consistent and informative.” – Ted Baker, Easy Insurance Scripts Founder & CEO

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