These days, customer relationship management (“CRM”) systems are integral to the success of any customer experience team. In giving agents access to all of the information that they need, CRMs increase productivity, ensure interaction relevance, and ultimately drive customer happiness.

At Zingtree, we continue to work with the industry’s best CRMs to build integrations that ensure that your decision trees work seamlessly with platforms that your team already uses.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Zingtree now integrates with Nectar Desk, a complete SaaS solution for call centers worldwide.

What is Nectar Desk?

Nectar Desk is one of the most affordable and efficient pieces of cloud-based call center software which can easily satisfy your business needs. With the help of Nectar Desk, you can make and take calls using your computer, desk phone or cell phone, working with user-friendly messaging, ticketing and chatting systems, with full access to reporting, analytics and many other effective features.

Nectar Desk also provides its users with the following options, which can easily simplify your company workflows:

  • Dispositions and disposition notes, which stand for the result of the call or SMS. You can use Nectar Desk’s built-in disposition codes or create your own ones (for example, successful deal/need to call back later, etc.), and search for the required calls or text messages using filtering by dispositions.
  • Call recording option – all your calls are stored in Call History with all the required data (time/date/agent/contact phone number, etc.), and the call recording itself so you can listen to them anytime.
  • Voicemail drop, which allows you to send a pre-recorded message to your clients once you reach their voicemail.
  • 24/7 Phone and Live Chat Support so that you can always receive answers to all your Nectar Desk questions and get qualified support in a few minutes.

You can check out all of Nectar Desk’s features by visiting their website.

How Zingtree Integrates with Nectar Desk for Agent Scripting

When you integrate Nectar Desk with Zingtree, you can create, deploy and analyze live agent scripts and decision trees quickly and efficiently. Within Nectar Desk’s call center solution, you’re able to create a separate call script for each agent which helps your team members to handle calls professionally and fast. Thanks to Nectar Desk’s screen pop functionality, you can have various interactive decision trees in one account. Moreover, Nectar Desk allows agents to fill in the form during the call and have access to this data once needed.

Check out this video by Nectar Desk explaining how Zingtree integration is used to power a life insurance use case:

Once your decision trees are built out, completing the integration only takes a few minutes:

  1. Locate your Zingtree API key by logging into your Zingtree account and going here.
  2. Activate the Nectar Desk integration with the following details: https://*account name*
  3. Associate your decision tree(s) with the correct inbound call by attaching the DID as a tag to the appropriate tree

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Questions? Get in touch with our team and we’ll walk you through it!