The Real Value Behind Helping Your Customers

Often, businesses can chalk up their efforts behind helping their customers to drive sales and generate profits. Nowadays, this vision is seen as being shortsighted. What companies are increasingly beginning to understand is that the real value behind helping their customers is the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with them. 

So much so, organizations everywhere are paying extra attention to strengthening the customer loyalty aspect of their business. The focus with this is placed on maintaining a positive experience to ensure customers return when ready to make their next purchase, and even bring referrals along with them. In order to achieve this level of fidelity, knowing how best to help your customers choose the right product, is key.

Here are our top tips for doing exactly this:


Smart Design For The Perfect User Experience

With more data on customer behavior patterns available than ever before, their analytics provide so much valuable insight into purchasing patterns. Based on this information, a smarter design of your website or mobile app is easier to achieve. According to statistics, strategic user experience (UX) can increase conversion rates by up to 400%.

So, what does UX entail?

  • User design: all design-related components, including color palette, image and/or video selection, etc.
  • Information structure: content organization of your website, the placement of text, images and video.
  • Interface functionality: interactions between users and your website or mobile app interface and their transitions during navigation.
  • Page layout: coherence and consistency across all pages of your website.

Taking UX into account right from the design stage of your online website is paramount to providing great customer experience. Everything from page load time to quality of images, and videos of your products, to how responsive a site is on mobile can affect customer experience. With regular research into user behavior, you’ll be able to keep up with emerging trends while maintaining customer satisfaction.


Personalization Holds The Key To Your Customer’s Loyalty

In today’s world, customers don’t want to feel like they are simply being sold products – they want to feel understood. According to a recent Salesforce report, 76% of customers stated that it is now easier than ever to keep switching brands until they find one that meets their expectations. Showing your company knows exactly what their personal needs are and how your product directly addresses them is one of the best ways to gain a loyal customer.

Take the time to understand your users, their needs, expectations, highlights, and pains. It is crucial to figuring out how best to provide a more personalized service around your product. Some approaches include referring to customers by their first name, sharing other related products that match their identified interests, or even providing some extra information on your sector that is not directly related to your product but matters to them. Simple improvements can go a long way and come back to your business in the form of new customer referrals.


Start A Conversation With Your Customer

It’s good practice to seize any valuable opportunity to engage your customer beyond just when they purchase your product. There are several moments when a conversation can be sparked, typically beginning at the very first point of contact between your company and any potential customer. This may be during their initial visit to your website, or perhaps through the online promotional channels, like social media or other advertising methods you’ve employed. It could also take place post-purchase to see how they’re liking your product and request a review or feedback.

Finding an appropriate way to relate to your customers will get the conversation going and help you line up with the expectation that 75% of consumers have for a consistent experience whenever they engage. In speaking with your customers, you’ll quickly notice the meaningful exchange that occurs here. Your efforts to share your company values and show that you appreciate your customers will form the foundation upon which trust is built between you.

A perfect tool that combines all three strategies and most effectively leads a customer to the right product for them is a decision tree builder. Product-finder decision trees contribute to scalable improvements in user experience, can be customized for personalized interactions while engaging them in an automated conversation that can significantly reduce the need for more resource-intensive call support. 

At Zingtree, we’re proud to have made building smart decision trees as easy as they are cost-efficient. Get in touch with us to request a demo and get started creating your own decision trees today!