As life is full of interruptions and distractions, we know that it can sometimes be tricky for end-users to complete their decision tree surveys in one sitting. Thanks to your feedback, we’re showing how it’s possible for end-users to return to a decision tree, and finish it over the course of multiple sessions. This is particularly helpful when end-users are asked to complete a longer decision tree with a large number of steps, or to fill in a time-consuming step in a process. The technique is to gather the customer’s email at the start, and then immediately send them an email with a link to resume the session at any time

Here’s an example of what the email looks like when received:

This implementation uses Automatic Email Nodes, as well as Zingtree’s Pause and Resume feature.


You can examine how the tree is built from here.

Here’s a summary of how it works:

  1. We collect the end user’s email at the start of the session.
  2. Immediately, we send them an email, with a link to resume the session. The link contains the URL to relaunch the tree, and the session ID of their current session. When clicking the link, the Pause and Resume capability returns the user to the last place in the tree they left off.

Here’s what the email node contents looks like (after enabling code view):

IMPORTANT: When using this technique on your own tree, be sure to change the tree ID in the link. In the above example, the tree ID is 405352594.  Also note that this link returns to a Zingtree Hosted view of your tree. If you are embedding in your own site, you’ll need to pass along the session ID, and ensure the underlying iFrame for the tree also received this session ID.