Here at Zingtree, we use Automatically Emailed Reports to monitor the usage of our own decision trees, as well as track changes. I thought it would be interesting to show how we use this feature here.

We actively maintain two organizations for our own use: The Zingtree Gallery, and internal trees like our FAQ, Contact Us page, and a few more. Once a week, we want to:

  • See which trees in the Gallery are getting the most use.
  • See who in our company has made changes to any tree – either in the Gallery, or our internal trees.
  • See what sort of searches are occurring in our FAQ.

Here’s what our Automatic Reports setup looks like for the Zingtree Gallery:

And for our Zingtree organization:

Every Friday morning, we receive reports on any changes made during the week via the Change Log report. We also get usage stats for all of our Gallery trees via the All Trees – Stats report. And we use the Search Terms report to see what the most popular searches in our FAQ were during the week.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on ways you can use Automatic Reports. If you’ve come up with an interesting way to use this feature, please share!