We’ve been big Zendesk fans for a couple of years, so when we started building Zingtree, one of the goals was to improve the Zendesk experience by giving support technicians some sort of background information on a customer’s problem. And we’ve been able to do just that with our Zendesk app for Zingtree.

If a customer uses a Zingtree tree, and then submits a support ticket, the technician can see what questions and answers the customer has provided while using the tree. The session appears in the right panel in Zendesk. Here’s an example of what a session would look like:

The app also has a “full” view, where you can see more background information (like browser, OS, etc.), and more detail on the pages visited:

The Zingtree FAQ on Zendesk has the app for download, and tells you how to do the integration.

The Zingtree Support app is now an approved integration in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Read more here.