The big news for June is the addition of multiple Super-users and Billing Admins. Previously, you could only have one of each. This was a popular request, and after a bit of work, this is now in place.

The other oft-requested new feature is including buttons when copying a node to another tree. This also applies to copying Logic Nodes as well, and the logic is also copied.

Other New Features

  • API now has an agent_tag call (set or update tags for agents).
  • New Disable auto-complete option for data entry forms in Settings / Data. (Valerie A.)
  • New global variable zt_session_notes for use in content area, email nodes. (Oli)
  • Session List report / Recent Sessions has a field to enter a session ID to view.


  • Added Polish language support for built-in forms. (Sabine)
  • “Buttons across” option in Content Nodes no longer supports five across. (Nichola)
  • Can now copy Logic Nodes to another tree.
  • Checkbox values become false/true if checkbox variable begins with sf_ (for Salesforce). (Edo)
  • Code tab in Settings tool now better suited for adding CSS, also disables spell check and extensions like Grammarly. (Deb)
  • Content editor image centering now says “Center” instead of “None”.
  • Copy Node to another tree now copies button labels. (Leslie, Adrianne, Lisa, Asma)
  • Erase Variables stock webhook now has an ALL message option to erase everything in the form data, including saved intermediate data. (Jeremy)
  • get_session_history API call now uses a more compact output. (Cathy Mc)
  • Pop-up tree code now puts the tree at top of the Z-order.
  • The Popular Nodes report and Exit Nodes report now have agent/source selector. (Hitendra)
  • The Salesforce app’s date format now matches Salesforce’s date format so data transfer works properly.


  • Checkbox variables in the entire tree are no longer initialized. (Edo)
  • Chrome 75 no longer crashes when gallery tree button is clicked. (Interaction from Intercom chat).
  • Clicking on a logic node in Session Detail now opens logic node editor, rather than preview.
  • CSV File Import: Quotes no longer being backslashed. (Cheyenne)
  • Debugging Logic Node from a Gallery tree now works properly.
  • Document nodes now appear even if another tree in the session has the same document node IDs.
  • Drilling down from popular nodes to specific sessions now maintains Live tree if that was the origin.
  • Importing CSVs with foreign characters (i.e. German) now works properly. (Wolfgang)
  • Logging in when no longer a part of the signup organization no longer locks you out via SSO.
  • Logic Node debug from session details now works if the Logic Node was from a subtree.
  • Node Use Details report now properly handles source/agents with spaces or +.
  • Restart button to a tree with a Logic Node as root now works properly. (Chris M.)
  • Setting one-across buttons in content node now makes buttons go full width. (Christian E.)
  • Subtrees loading mid-session no longer get an error due to new root node escalation. (David M.)
  • The “Load images when needed” option in Settings/Rendering no longer causes the centering not to work. (Adrianne F.)

Got any tips or suggestions for our next update? Reach out and talk to us.