Over the past month, we’ve continued to improve our core product. Most notably, there is now more flexibility in stock form layouts,  as well as custom forms. Plus, for our Zendesk customers, we’ve updated our Agent Scripting app to even better integrate with Zendesk to update tickets and incorporate more ticket info in your scripts.

New Features

  • Two-column Data Entry Fields form layout
  • Zendesk Agent Scripting App Version 13 (can read/write ticket subject, priority, type, status and comments)
  • Added event_log call to API (Josh O.)
  • Agent Portal options now have an “Include Done with Customer” option set by default (Nick D.)
  • New API call for get_tags (Fred R.)
  • Can now change task name in task manager (Alex T.)
  • Include Linked Trees (via Tree Nodes) in Node Content Search (David N.)
  • Uptime checker: https://zingtree.com/api/uptime.php


  • Added more server capacity during peak usage times
  • #session# in auto email subject now replaced with Session ID (Bradford S.)
  • <div class=”node-header”></div> now at the top of every node for CSS customizations (Prima.)
  • Added All Trees: Change Log to Automatic Reports
  • Added failsafe for retrieving form data if primary session data not located
  • Added Github Python example to API page
  • Fixed gotcha in Button Click Variables if no values set (Nichola)
  • host-trees.php can now include a target= parameter to target iframes (Fred R.)
  • Limited the logout time value in Agent Portal options to one week (10,000 minutes)
  • Task Manager now supports #agent_first_name# and #agent_name# (Bradford S.)
  • We now send a form_data object to container page via postMessage
  • XSS security fix now allows classes in uploaded HTML


  • ##include_url: ## now works across sites (Francisco)
  • A parent tree with a live version linking to a tree with an advanced logic node that did not have a live version now works properly (Mark S.)
  • Auto reports for All Trees – Stats now works properly
  • Automatic report for All Tree Stats CSV now fixed
  • Visual Designer now loads trees with phantom button links to non-existent nodes
  • Error in changing agent passwords went to a non-existent page
  • Gallery Demo reports now work for All Trees changelog
  • Multiple form entries no longer show extra horizontal lines for repeating forms
  • Now warns when a tree node jump goes to a node that doesn’t exist in the destination tree (Dylan B.)
  • Return-to-previous-tree tree node no longer shows a false “(return)” link in Designer view
  • Scoring variables don’t initialize list boxes/radio buttons if there is already a variable set for the list box/radio button (Ruisi)
  • Session Matrix Report no longer complains about not having a score variable if not present
  • Task titles with single or double quotes no longer cause errors in task manager (Alex T.)

Got any suggestions or issues to report? Let us know!