Some of our customers have asked how to integrate Zingtree inside the Zendesk Agent interface. This can be really helpful for call centers especially, as an agent on the phone can go through a Zingtree script to help the customer on the other end of the call. You can easily set up a simple solution using the Zendesk Sidebar Icon app as follows:

  1. In Zingtree, log in, open a tree, and go to Tools, Deploy (or directly here) to get the URL for the Sidebar app.
  2. Install the Zendesk Sidebar Icon App. (In the Agent interface, go to Apps, Marketplace, and search for “Sidebar Icon”.)
  3. Once installed, the Sidebar Icon app will prompt you for settings. Insert the URL in step 1 for the iFrame URL.
  4. The Inactive Icon URL is:
  5. The Hover icon URL is:
  6. The Selected icon URL is:

The settings will look like this:


When you click the sidebar icon in Zendesk, you’ll see something like this:

We’re working on something more powerful, but for light weight scripting, the Zendesk Sidebar Icon app is a great, easy to implement solution.