We’re a little late in our monthly updates post due to an exciting new feature: Escalation. This lets tree authors specify a jump to another node after a particular node has not been acted upon for a certain amount of time. This is particularly useful for our customers using Zingtree Task Manager to manage their business processes.

You can find it when editing a node, under the new Escalate tab:

Another thing you’ll notice is that we’ve simplified the Edit Node tool so that it’s easier to get to Buttons, Data Entry Fields and the other tabbed options, which are now all at the top.

Here are all the latest new features, updates and bug fixes:

New and Notable

And finally, we added a handy, quick edit node form to the Overview tool:


  • Added Last Node Visited, Last Tree Visited, Result to Form data report (Ellen P. and Louis S.)
  • Added new GET option when Adding a Webhook
  • Added Reset API key option to Organizations & Billing page
  • Author details no longer shows live trees
  • Button click variable names can now be up to 64 characters (Edo)
  • Changed mega-menu tool names to match tools page
  • Can export Search Terms report as CSV (Louis S.)
  • Event log now shows just last 7 days by default, cleaner layout
  • Form data report CSV export has better filenames
  • Handles + in email addresses (Domenik)
  • Launching a tree node from a persistent button will return to the node where the tree was launched from (CH)
  • Link node editor URL can now accept variable names for the link – doesn’t need to be a valid URL
  • Logic node tester now has an easy option to add more variables
  • More obvious session view from feedback comments
  • New trees now have tree caching off by default. New users were not seeing changes immediately
  • Persistent buttons now have their own ID, so that custom CSS can color them (CH)
  • Publishing Links tool: Pop-up button overlay code now includes hover action
  • Removed “scroll parent to top” option since browsers no longer allow this
  • Removed hover text on Back button for non-English users (Lasse)
  • Removed Result option from Email node
  • Salesforce app updated to support more standard object types
  • Starter trees have basic starter prompts preset
  • Task Manager: My Tasks now includes “Started By” and Task ID
  • Tooltips for back, restart buttons in embedded trees now show on top (Nichol)


  • Adding author after already being an agent now smoother
  • Advanced logic nodes with a webhook now properly incorporate variables returned from that webhook (Elke)
  • Billing admin can now delete authors
  • Cleaned up print view for a better title display, no footer text
  • Continuation buttons for email nodes, document nodes now edit properly in Designer
  • Designer Edit button no longer allows circular links back to start node
  • Enabling “Load images when needed” keeps responsive image classes
  • Importing UTF-8 encoded trees (i.e. Hebrew) now works properly – import now has an option to convert to UTF-8 instead of always doing this (Edo)
  • Persistent Nodes option in Settings now shows all supported node types (like Link nodes) (Meaghan W.)
  • Recent Sessions now shows all sessions for all time zones
  • Removed UTF8 encoding on email sends – was causing undesired re-encoding of email text (Fatih)
  • Sandbox option for Salesforce connector app (Vincenzo)
  • Tree Search report now finds Tree Content Search results
  • Tree Searches now show in search terms report (Louis)
  • Updated Mailchimp API to version 3.0. Current setup broke from Mailchimp changes (Brendan)


Have any suggestions, or better still – creative uses for the new Escalation feature?

We’d love to hear from you!