At Zingtree, we make every effort to use our own tools and decision trees as much as possible. In the software business, this is known as “eating your own dogfood”, or simply “dogfooding”. Not only does this showcase our product well, but we also get to see first-hand where improvements can be made. For example, our FAQ, Contact Us, and Signup processes all use Zingtree decision trees.

While updating our FAQ (which is close to 200 nodes), it became obvious to us we needed a better way to select nodes for each button, especially in large decision trees. The long drop-down select boxes weren’t cutting it. So as a part of May’s updates, we invested significant time in building a new “node selector”. This makes it easy to search for nodes, and also locate them by type. Displaying of nodes is also much cleaner.


Here’s the “before” view of how nodes were displayed:

Picking a node looked like this:


Here’s the new Node display. Note the icon next to the node to indicate if it’s a content node, tree node, email node, or another type.

Clicking on the node opens a popover, with a text search filter and type filter. Here we entered “email” and all nodes referring to email appear in the picklist.

Another new feature is auto-filling button labels when if they are blank. Try it!

More Updates

Here are more updates from May:

  • /api page shows API key for most recently used tree.
  • Added Hebrew and stock text translations as a language option. (Noam)
  • In published trees, Checkboxes and Radio buttons display aligned and slightly larger.
  • Corrected inaccurate info on Add/Edit Webhooks page regarding how data is sent to the webhook.
  • Deleting trees now checks to see if another active tree is linked to it. (Allie)
  • Increased max length of logic expressions to 1024 characters.
  • Logic Nodes & Document Nodes now have the ability to add new predefined variables via variable picker dropdown. (Gregoire)
  • Added translated text for “restart from the beginning” and also “go directly to”.
  • My Trees now shows date last modified. (Gregoire)
  • My Trees page loads faster.
  • Removed extra space at bottom of hosted trees. (NaKisha)
  • rtl.css update to better support Hebrew decision trees (and other right-to-left languages).
  • SMS App shows countries we support, decrements the proper amount of lookup credits depending upon country.
  • Webhook URL display now longer, multiline in My Apps.
  • Zendesk Agent Scripting app V17 now loads requester_phone (if it exists). (Joao)

And a few fixes:

  • ##include option now supports https URLs better. (Deb)
  • Add predefined variable dialog no longer closes on click outside. (BD)
  • Copy Node now copying advanced logic node expressions, hover text.
  • Copy to Clipboard button in decision tree no longer scrolls page on narrow embed displays.
  • Node times report – when filtering on a specific agent – no longer loses context from currently viewed tree. (Nick V.)
  • Removed unsupported “Go to URL” option for email automatic sends.
  • When logged in, the gallery page no longer shows being logged out.

We’ll have more exciting updates this summer. Stay tuned!