The Zingtree Event Log is a great way to monitor the activity for your organization, allowing you to access a complete, detailed record of important data for your business. We monitor two types of events with Zingtree Event Logs:

  • Logins: Including authors, and agents – as well as failed attempts for security purposes.
  • Messages sent: Email, SMS and Agent Alerts. This can be handy for debugging undelivered messages.

You can access your organization’s event logs by going to Account > Event Log:

Monitoring Logins

By actively tracking the successful and failed logins for your Zingtree account, you can keep a better eye on who is accessing your information and when, including the location and IP address of the person attempting to log in. To see your Author Login event log, just select it from the dropdown menu and select a timeframe to generate the report.

You can also access a Failed Login event log to show you the number of times an account holder’s email has failed to login. This is a great report for security features, as you can better monitor suspicious activity.

Troubleshooting Message Delivery

Another detailed event log report, Email Sent, allows your organization to monitor email sends, flag for errors, and helps to troubleshoot email delivery issues.

You can read more about Zingtree’s security features on our blog.

Any questions on how to use our handy Event Logs or any other of our robust security features? Reach out to our team!