New Feature: Custom Persistent Buttons


Having action buttons on every node is an essential element of creating helpful Zingtrees.  We call these persistent buttons. For example, you could have  “Start Again” and “Search” buttons display with every node.  These buttons can jump directly to any point in your tree.

Here’s an example from our “What to Wear” demo, with buttons for “Start Again”, “Working”, and “Playing”:

It’s easy to make Zingtree include persistent buttons by adding to the URL that Zingtree gives you. Here’s an example of a URL with three persistent buttons for the tree above: Again|Working|Playing&persist_node_ids=1|2|3

In this example, we have node #1 going to a “Start Again” node, node #2 going to “Working”, and node #3 going to “playing”. These buttons will appear on every page at the bottom.

The display names of the buttons are in the persist_names parameter, separated by the | character.  The nodes that these buttons go to are in the persist_node_ids parameter, also separated by a |.

You can play with these options more from the Advanced Options pages when you Publish your tree.

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