If it seems like we’re making Zingtree easier to use daily, it’s because we are. In addition to the updates we made last week, here’s an overview of some new usability enhancements this month:

  • We turned one-size-fits-all Content Nodes into new Question and Final Answer nodes.
  • Tutorials for Wizard and Designer appear before launching these tools for the first time.
  • New video tutorials have been published for Wizard and Designer.
  • Deploy page is cleaner and clearer.
  • Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Read on for in-depth list of all of the details! And, as always, let us know what you think as you’re creating your own unique trees. You can always find us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn if you’d rather be social.

Larger Details

  • Tutorial screens appear when accessing tools the first time, until checkbox is set off
  • Standardized on “question” instead of alternating between “Question” and “Prompt” on website


Create a Tree

  • Added tool thumbnails to better illustrate Designer vs. Wizard vs. Overview options
  • Organization name defaults to person’s name for first time use



  • Now has “Ask a Question” and “Offer Solution” node options
  • Back button now appears if previous operation was skipped
  • You can click on context node numbers to edit the node, then return to Wizard



  • Unlinked node now has an explanation in the right-hand panel
  • Clicking left-hand side node buttons in designer shows an alert to drag buttons
  • Offers separate question/final answer nodes
  • Double-clicking nodes when selected no longer does weird box resize
  • Preview can handle nodes with a lot of content properly
  • New tutorial video



  • Preview: Unlinked buttons appear, show as clear
  • Edit Node: Now has a switch for Question / Final Answer node types
  • Deploy: Cleaner, added iFrame option
  • Agent Scripting app: deploy option fixed