November brought about a lot of updates to existing features. As Zingtree continues to grow and bring on new people, we make them all build trees as a part of the initiation process, and we get great ideas as well. One example: Our new employee Brad pointed out a way to make the preview and edit process better, such that you can preview and edit your way through the tree as if it was a continuous session. We got a lot of other great ideas from our loyal customers as well.

New Features

  • Task Manager: Added #started_by#, #started_by_name# as Task manager variables to show who started the task.
  • History display now has a toggle option to show data entered at each step (Dragan).

  • Simple Overview can now filter on node type (Shawn). You can just see content nodes, email nodes, logic nodes, etc.


  • Added an option to Hide Persistent Buttons on any node (Allie)
  • Agent Portal top menu items now have classes for CSS customizations (David N.)
  • All-Agents report now shows Success, Fail, Unknown results for date range. Also includes a “refresh each minute” option (John R.)
  • All Trees Search & Replace now operates on email nodes (Shawn)
  • App Details hides Edit button if it’s a built-in app
  • Authoring search now includes email nodes (subject, preheader, body) (Shawn)
  • Basic search form now includes button text in search scope (Logan)
  • Default tag list in My Agents now includes tree tags (David Nichols)
  • Designer defaults new email nodes to “Send Automatically”
  • List of agents in the Session List report now sorted
  • My Trees now sorts tag list in the summary
  • My Trees page for new users is cleaner
  • New trial user signup process in place. Includes decision tree for data gathering built by Brad.
  • Now tracking state of tags on each click for Task Manager
  • Number entry field for escalation time is wider (David N.)
  • Prune now has an option to just delete a node. Some people were misusing Prune and wound up deleting entire branches (Deb)
  • Push live descriptions now have a 256 character limit – increased from 64 (Susan)
  • Quick button editor from Overview now can edit the button text, and preview .btn-yes.btn-green and other custom button classes
  • Switching between editing and preview maintains session – no longer returns to node #1 (Brad)


  • #current_agent_login# now displays in the Sender and Subject line of an email node (Bradford S.)
  • &,# other characters in remote task-start variables no longer causes an error passing data to Task Manager (Allie)
  • Agent Alerts now appear properly for pre-loaded trees – even via Agent Portal (Susan)
  • App messages in logic nodes with ampersands now save properly (Paul N)
  • CSV export of all session and form data report converts < > and other characters from HTML equivalents (Jason)
  • Data Entry Field custom validation with placeholders now works properly (Adam B.)
  • Disabled delete of default logic node buttons via Designer (David N.)
  • Entering tags no longer shows leading comma in tags display
  • get_session_data and get_session_data_pure API calls now return valid results even if the session header is not saved (Paul N.)
  • Instant Preview in Node Editor now shows proper buttons/panels style, as well as the current basic theme (Brad)
  • Large form data reports now don’t give an error (Katie P.)
  • List of default tree tags in Settings tool, Agent tags now only looks at dev trees, not live trees
  • Math webhook removes commas from numeric values (Larissa)
  • No more error in Agent Portal if search linked trees is set and no trees are available via tag matching
  • Setting up a Zapier Zap with a LIVE tree ID now works properly (John & Jamey)
  • Snapshots works properly when a new tree is opened in a different tab (Bill)
  • Some non-email nodes had a default setting which disabled proper back-button tracking
  • Undefined checkboxes don’t get automatically selected when reloading a session (Dan C.)

Got a great idea or use case for Zingtree? Please share!