As always, we continue our hard work to make Zingtree better – both for usability and performance. Case in point: Within the last few days we’ve optimized our tree loading code to make your decision trees load faster, while also requiring less server CPUs. You should be seeing a notable increase in performance. We’ve also worked with one of our largest, best customers to improve Task Manager.

Here’s what’s new for the last month or so:

New Stuff

  • Added CSS / Script option for Agent Portal customization (David N.)
  • Added monthly option for Automatic Reports (many requests)
  • Added today_math as a Webhook
  • Agent Portal: Can customize the action of “Done with Customer” button via Agent Portal Options (David N.)
  • Can now specify a repeat count for Agent Alerts (Susan M.)
  • Added a new Webhook for date format conversion (Nicole)


  • Action buttons now also appear in Content Tab in Node Editor
  • Add Node has “learn more” links (Juan)
  • Added extra security headers to .htaccess: X-XSS-Protection and nosniff (Evan P.)
  • Added extra width for main task manager view
  • Added library webhook to split multi-line text fields into separate lines for output
  • Added stock variable #current_agent_login# to substitute the current agent in Task Manager (Bradford S.)
  • All trees load faster – 1 to 3 second difference
  • All trees search can now filter on all/live/dev trees (Mathieu S.)
  • App Details page has improved layout, option to edit apps (if possible)
  • Can now hide nodes from search results via Edit Node > Other > Hide from Search Results (Allie)
  • Cleaned up Agent Alert management for adding and editing alerts
  • Cleaned up search results display on All Trees
  • Content node editor now shows node title above all tabs. Makes it easier to remember what page you are on if you click a tab without the title showing
  • Document nodes can now use variable placeholders in node title for the PDF filename (Cathy Mc)
  • Escalation nodes in Simple Overview can now be quick edited
  • The Freshdesk New Ticket App now can set the ticket type via fd_type (Nithin)
  • Improved layout on the main tree tools page
  • Initial session tracking now completes faster – should result in zero lost session data headers
  • Opening session details from the Event Log now shows advanced session details view (with delete) (Gregoire)
  • Overviews: Can now go directly to a node number for preview or edit (Shawn)
  • Overviews: Clicking the app icon goes to the App Details page
  • Retrieving transcripts now changes persistent button marker *PB* into brackets surrounding the button label
  • Session Detail view now has a button to show all data collected at every step
  • Session List, Form data and some other wider reports now use smaller margins
  • Simple Overview now lets you change links just by clicking buttons in any node – no need to go into the node editor to change a button
  • System status page now shows the last 90 days
  • Task Manager – Added #started_by# variable to show the originator of the task
  • Task manager – Added escalations count to task manager view, options to see just escalated tasks (Maria C.)
  • Task Manager – Added a “Started By “column to Other Tasks area


  • Added language attribute to hosted pages so that Google’s translate works (Gregoire)
  • All Trees – Form Data and Session List report now sends CSV even if no sessions were present (John D.)
  • Button link tool from simple overview now works on the current tree even when another tree is open in a different tab
  • Can now delete custom logos
  • CORS header error for advanced logic nodes and document nodes in server-side includes no longer occurs (Dan C.)
  • Custom logos now appear in Tree View pages from Agent Portal (Camilly)
  • Escalations now occur even if a required form field is on the page (Allie)
  • Having Email node recipients with non-existent variables doesn’t break email send – just gets ignored (Allie & Shawn)
  • Logic node expressions with leading spaces are now trimmed so expressions work properly
  • Persistent buttons no longer act as form submit buttons
  • Reloading form data on Pause & Resume no longer overwrites hidden fields (Gregoire)
  • Task Manager – Cleaned up task name display with HTML encoded characters
  • Task Manager: (i) icon no longer fails when task name includes a single quote (Allie)
  • Task Manager: Apostrophe, quotes or ampersands in Task name or variables for remote start no longer break the task (Allie)

Got any ideas to help make Zingtree better for everyone? Please share!