We’re proud to announce that we’ve “officially” launched our Agent Scripting for call centers. And you know what that means? Press release time! It’s up and out in the world, and you can read all the details and get the gist under the cut. Also, we’d love to get in touch if you write a blog or enjoy writing about customer service, call center technology, or awesome new companies in our industry. Please reach out to us over here!

Zingtree Interactive Decision Tree System Redefines Call Center Agent Scripting with New App

New agent scripting tools aid in training and corporate compliance for call center applications.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Zingtree, a pioneer in creating tools to build interactive decision trees for streamlining customer support, today announced the immediate availability of Zingtree Agent Scripting for call centers. The solution is currently available from http://zingtree.com, and an integration with Zendesk is available from the Zendesk Marketplace.

Expanding on Zingtree’s core functionality of providing streamlined support through custom question-and-answer style decision trees, the Agent Scripting solution also offers new functionality, including detailed analytics on ticket process, simplified per-agent pricing, persistent state of the script across multiple calls and agents, and other tools for improving agent effectiveness.

“By making Zingtree integrate easily with call center functionality, especially with Zendesk, we’ve created the gold standard for intelligent agent scripting. Agents are empowered like never before to provide the best customer experience possible while following corporate procedures,” says Bill Dettering, Founder and CEO of Zingtree. “Call centers need the same powerful management tools as any modern business, which is one reason we’re so excited to bring the ease and flexibility of Zingtree to this space.”

In less than six months after launch, Zingtree has already helped hundreds of organizations in dozens of industries improve customer support and derive insights from interactions with Zingtree’s interactive decision trees. Now, Zingtree is bringing those insights to call center managers around the world.

Further highlights of the new product and special Zendesk integration include:

  • Valuable Reporting: See which Agents, Tickets or Nodes are taking the most time with comprehensive, step-by-step histories of each agent interaction.
  • Automatic Agent Detection: No time and resource intensive setup and configuration. Using the Zendesk API, Zingtree automatically determines which agent starts each session.
  • Persistent Sessions: When a ticket is re-opened, Zingtree will reappear in the same state as it was previously left, with the history intact, regardless of which agent initially opened the ticket.
  • Zendesk Tagging: Zingtree’s Edit Node tool allows tags to be added to any node: when that node is opened in Zendesk its tags are copied to the Zendesk for the current ticket.

Along with the release of Zingtree Agent Scripting, Zingtree has developed a simpler pricing formula to help manage agents across multiple systems. Unlike other solutions, which require prorating for partial months and provisioning every time a staffing change occurs, Zingtree is priced on a per-agent per-day basis and uses a credit account for transactions. Implementing Zingtree live agent scripting costs between $0.35 to $1 per-agent per-day, with volume discounts for larger up-front purchases. Other volume pricing may be available on request.

For more information and to sign up for free, please visit http://zingtree.com

About Zingtree
Zingtree was developed to empower companies to give their customers a quick, efficient and intelligent way of getting answers quickly. By providing a simple, yet powerful way for companies to create, refine and embed interactive decision trees and troubleshooters, Zingtree’s services are at the heart of any company-to-consumer interaction. Originally designed to streamline customer support funnels, Zingtree’s clients also include product teams seeking to gain deeper insight into user behavior, sales and marketing teams looking to qualify leads, call centers, and more. Zingtree is privately held and headquartered outside of San Francisco, California.