Yesterday we noticed an all-time high in server activity, which is great for Zingtree because it means more and more people are deploying trees and using our tools. The downside was that for the first time we had a stretch of about 30 minutes with unacceptably slow performance.

In order to fix this and react swiftly, we upgraded our server setup as follows:

  • Any time we detect any single page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, we add a server instance.

As soon as we did this, we got reports of some people being logged out unexpectedly. This was a side effect of having more servers running, and we were able to fix this last night. So this should not be an issue moving forward.

If you’re curious, we’re running on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk system. This is used by a lot of big players, because it’s infinitely scalable, yet you only use what you need. So, we’ve got you covered moving forward. Please be sure to let us know if you have any performance issues at all!