As our customer base continues to grow, the engineering team has been working behind the scenes to ensure our server farm is performing optimally, and we are continually able to scale as needed to handle unanticipated traffic spikes. We also continue to get great feedback from our customers, and many of the items below are a result of customer requests or feedback. We also have expanded our ability to integrate with other systems, especially custom call center configurations. And finally, the ability to collect data and fill in PDF forms files is delighting many of our customers who deal with institutions (like Insurance or Government) that require data be presented in a certain form and format.

Here’s what’s new since our last update blog post.

New Features

  • New API call to delete uploaded PDFs
  • Allow filling of PDF files with form fields
  • Flexible way to send messages between trees embedded in an iframe and the parent container
  • Allow adding button click variables – even if no buttons present.
  • SMS App adds to the list of countries we support sending messages to.
  • Google sign-in option now supported for hosted trees.

Updates and Usability Enhancements

  • Improved UX for assigning nodes in Content Node Editor. Includes search and type filters for finding nodes.
  • Added last date of change in My Trees column (Gregoire)
  • Add Node operation can be done with one click instead of two.
  • Make translated text for “restart from the beginning” and also “go directly to”
  • Node editor now can auto-fill the button label with page title of selected node (if label not yet set)
  • My Trees page loads faster.
  • Increased length of logic nodes expressions.
  • Webhook URL display no longer cuts off in My Apps (Ross)
  • Checkboxes and Radio buttons in data entry fields display more aesthetically.
  • Default page that appears after sending email via built-in form is less confusing to end-users.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensures default icons in node-picker appear.
  • Copy Node now properly copies advanced logic node expressions
  • Tree names with apostrophes no longer cause node picker to break
  • Fixed bug where ill-formatted IP addresses in CIDR format caused an error.
  • Delete tree warning for tree nodes no longer references wrong server
  • Fixed bug where session variables containing objects caused Javascript errors
  • Automatic email reports with Hebrew titles now send properly
  • “Include session data in email” option for automatic emails no longer shows urlencoded data variables.
  • Library items no longer fail when “load images when needed” is turned on in Settings
  • Clicking session detail from form data report now works properly for LIVE trees
  • Event Log for Salesforce app no longer flags an error when no error occurred (Nick C.)
  • Pause & Resume to a session that landed on a tree node no longer fails
  • Logic nodes called with Webhooks now run webhook first before doing logic
  • SMS messages sending with variable names no longer fail on single quotes in variable data
  • Editing logic nodes no longer shows default node as first destination node when adding a new expression.
  • HTML files generated by Document Nodes now properly locate CSS files
  • Pause & resume returning to a search page no longer opens a blank page with no buttons
  • Clicking on confirmation text now works like just checking the checkbox
  • In node editor, escalation options now save properly, no longer show a zero option by default.

Got a suggestion for our next release? Let us know!