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Zingtree Enterprise: Self-Hosted Decision Trees


While we are highly focused on our own security and data integrity, we recognize that using a SaaS (Software as a Service) site like Zingtree may require approval from various departments. For many, the hosting of company data offsite immediately triggers a cautionary reaction.

To address these concerns, we have a completely self-hosted Zingtree version. It utilizes the same awesome tools found in Zingtree but packaged in a way that can be installed on any server with industry standard PHP and MySQL. A full source code license is included, as well as regular updates.

This self-hosted option has a lot of benefits:

  • Customer data remains on-site.
  • Data is not intermixed with other company’s data (in case of legal subpoena issues).
  • Full source code allows security specialists to inspect the code for any possible hacking loopholes.
  • The design and engineering teams can modify the code or design of Zingtree to their liking.
  • You can guarantee your own uptime.
  • Plus, we provide consulting, support and maintenance as requested.

Want to learn more about the self-hosted Zingtree Enterprise solution?

Please contact us with licensing questions, or to get started with your self-hosted Zingtree Enterprise solution.

This article was originally published on September 28, 2015, but the information is still just as relevant! 

More Predictable Pricing



It’s always a challenge to find a fair and reasonable pricing structure for your products or services. With Zingtree, we had to do some serious brainstorming as there’s a lot of moving pieces. We wanted to have a low cost entry point for individuals and students, and a scaling that decreases the price as you use Zingtree more. This structure allows you (the author(s)) to dig into the nuts and bolts of trees; play with nodes, pathways to resolutions, and utilize the design as much as possible. Only when you launch or deploy your tree will you be charged by usage.

Our pricing works by counting end-user sessions, and you only get charged if someone clicks a button in your tree. It doesn’t matter if it’s one click, or 100, the cost is the same. You can think of this as “interactions” if you prefer. Since most of our customers have a good handle on the number of times a tree would be seen, we figured this would be the best way to avoid unpredictable charges.

The Starter Plan is great for the one-off decision tree, or just to get a feel for Zingtree itself. You can easily move between plans as your usage goes up and down. Whenever you sign up for a more advanced plan, you instantly get session credits, which never expire.

We did our best to create a reasonable pricing plan and hope that you feel so too. If you have questions about this structure or need clarification on the terms, please reach out and let us know.