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Custom Themes with CSS: A Look At Duda’s Decision Trees

Duda is a is a self-service software suite built for creating optimized, responsive and personalized websites for businesses. As a company with a large focus on customer communication, support and self-service solutions, they take advantage of interactive troubleshooter decision trees with a custom theme to help site visitors help themselves.

Created with powerful custom CSS for decision trees, Duda was able to create a completely unique and personal experience through Zingtree with a theme that fits seamlessly with their brand. Complex in its code, the experts at Duda built a truly incredible customized decision tree for their customers that we’re in awe of!

You can view the live tree here, and see some previews below.

The tree’s Welcome Page has a clean, beautiful design that showcases each major section of knowledge base information. 


Learn more about personalizing decision trees with Zingtree Custom CSS, and see some great tree examples on the Zingtree GalleryAny questions? Let’s talk!

Introducing Zingtree “Panels” Style


We don’t live in a bubble. Our team is constantly looking for web sites that spent a lot of money (and time) to custom code something similar to our Zingtree interactive decision tree, and we’ve seen a different style of user interface that we like, and we think you might too. So we adopted it as an option, which we call the Panels style.  It looks like this:

You can choose between the traditional Buttons style, or the new Panels style, when you deploy your tree. You can also try any of our Gallery trees in Panels or Buttons style.

In case you are new here, here’s how the Buttons style looks:

Plus, you can even use your own CSS to redefine the standard colors, fonts and spacing used in the Panels style – just go to the Settings for your tree.  (You can also change the default preview style from this screen as well.)

As we mentioned, this new Panel style is great for long answers. Hopefully you’ll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Let us know what you think and how you use this format!

Customizing Zingtree Decision Trees


We totally understand the need to expand the customizable features of Zingtree. The beauty in creating your own decision trees is the flexibility we allow to make it communicate, perform, and look the way you want it to! Since we’ve had requests for the ability to further customize the look and feel of deployed trees, we’ve added some basic yet powerful customization options to Zingtree to further improve them for your customers and for your company, organization, or project. Without further ado, you can (as of March 8th):

  • Use your own brand colors
  • Select fonts and styles
  • Add icons to your page titles and buttons
  • See your trees perfectly on tablet and mobile devices

To see an example of these new changes, we’ve altered our “What to Wear” demo with newly stylized red buttons and button icons.

More details below!