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Our Top Zingtree Updates to Start 2017

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In the last days of 2016 and the first few days of 2017, while eating and drinking like everyone else, we also spent some time making Zingtree just that much better. It’s good karma to start the new year well, right?

Here’s what’s new for 2017 (so far):

  • Update: Session List report now shows total time from first click, rather that tree launch. Also shows European time if in Europe, and removes unneeded columns (Ricardo L.).
  • Fix: Apostrophes in user names no longer cause tree preview to fail (Lauren D’A).
  • Fix: Tree names with quotes no longer break designer when being referred to in tree nodes.
  • Update: Session Details report now shows timezone of organization’s super user (Tobias H).
  • Update: Data Entry checkboxes now include option for scoring (Vanessa, David).
  • Fix: Display order in Simple Overview works properly even after “set start node” is changed in Edit Node.
  • Fix: All Agents report now includes just sessions with clicks, not ALL sessions.
  • Fix: Sessions paused and restarted now always have have proper state for restarting.
  • Fix: Fade transition effect for “all tree search” now works properly.
  • Update: Hosted tree search for “node content” now searches through page titles and questions, as well as content area.
  • Fix: Copy Node now clears clear tree cache (Arie S.).
  • Update: Now using Google CDN for more reliable loading of key included files.

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Decision Tree Analytics: About the Session List Report

Zingtree has powerful built-in analytics capabilities. In this series, we’re taking a closer look at some of these in-depth reports and how they help you learn even more about how customers are using your trees. 

Session List Reports

This Zingtree report allows you to quickly and easily see every session for any given decision tree in your organization. Broken down in an easy-to-absorb list, you can navigate to each specific end-user session to learn more about how people use your tree, as well as get an overview of the amount of time users spent.

To access the Session List report, go to Overview > Reports and select Session List from the dropdown menu. You can specify an exact date range to pull the results from before clicking “Show Report.”

Once the report has generated, you can filter by Source/Agent to be shown sessions specific to an agent or other source. The Session List will give you a complete overview of every session within your filtered view, showing duration, clicks, results, and score when applicable.

The icons in your Results column will show you the exact end-result of each session: Customer was given a solution, Inconclusive, or Customer was unable to solve the problem.

Clicking on a specific Session # in the far left column will allow you to see complete click-by-click details for every node visited, as well as all data collected from that session.

Learn more about our powerful reports and analytics:

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