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Updates: Manage Collaborators in Batches (and More)


This week’s Zingtree update focuses on making it a little bit easier to manage the Collaborators on your trees. Rather than changing one tree at a time, you can now add and delete Collaborators on ALL decision trees for which you have Administrator rights, as well as change permissions for an Author.

To add a collaborator to all of your decision trees, select the “Add Collaborator to ALL My Trees” option:

To update your Collaborators, select the “Update ALL My Tree” option:

Thanks to Andrew and Elise for the suggestion!

Other updates this week include:

  • Fix: Theme URLs are now https and will show in any embed scenario. (h/t Tom K.)
  • Update: Added number of Authors to My Trees view.
  • Update: Now supports responsive video options, different sizes in Content editor and Tree output (h/t Trey).
  • Update: Improved FAQ with simplified layout.
  • Update: Only Administrators or editors can delete sessions. (h/t Dave T.)

Interested in becoming one of our favorite collaborators? Contact us here and suggest an improvement or feature you’d like to see in Zingtree!

Update: Tagging Agents, Trees and Nodes


For this latest update, we’ve focused on improving the ability to tag various Zingtree objects. You can tag Nodes, Trees, and Agents to really help categorize and organize your work.

When adding tags, you can now pick from a list of existing tags, or easily delete tags with a single click.  This makes it easy to ensure consistency in your tagging (thanks to Bryan M for the inspiration).

Here’s a screen snippet from the Tree Settings tool showing how this new tagging interface works.


Tagging in Tree Settings

Some other goodies in this release:

  • Update: Restricts tree view in Agent Portal for tagged agents matching tree tags (h/t Adam C).
  • Update: Scoring Nodes now can be set with placeholders for values but no destination node picked (h/t Arie).
  • Update: Scoring nodes can now be set as the root node for A/B tests (h/t Ben C).
  • Bug Fix: Tree tag filtering in Agent Portal now works properly.
  • Bug Fix: Edge of scoring ranges now works properly (h/t Martin S).
  • Update: Added number of agent feedback comments for each tree to My Trees page (h/t Martin S).

Once again, thanks to our intrepid, fanatical Zingtree users for most of these suggestions.

Do you have any great ideas to make Zingtree even better? Please share!

New! REST API for Decision Tree Sessions


An important piece of any web application is to be able to connect to other systems. And, while we’ve had a basic API in place for a while, we’ve received requests to make it more standard. So, today we’re happy to announce the release of our REST API and PHP wrapper!

REST is a common standard for applications to exchange information. Ours works like all the other popular systems, and is easy to implement.

Using our API, you can retrieve:

  • Session data, and a full transcript of what occurred during the session.
  • Form field entries during a session.

Go here to see the Zingtree REST API reference, with examples.

And thanks to “Red Ben” for his helpful feedback during the process!


Updates: Instant Result Tracking and More

After publishing our article on result tracking with Zingtree, it occurred to us that we could do even better.

Rather than having to wait for people to use your decision trees to see results, we decided it would be much more useful to be able to show successes, failures, and undecided results immediately whenever you change the category of any node.

So if you have a tree that’s been in use, go back and categorize each node using Overview > Edit Node. Then, view the Results report to see how successful your tree has been. If you change the category of a node, results reporting updates instantly!

Some other updates with this release:

  • New: You can use zt-name and zt-email for data entry variable names to have these automatically propagate into email submit form fields for name and email (h/t Todd).
  • New: Insert #source# or #agent# in any question or final answer node to insert the name of the agent using the tree (h/t Nilou).
  • New: You can add Custom CSS to ALL your trees using a new checkbox in any tree’s Settings.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer remove yourself as a collaborator when there are no other admins.
  • Update: The ‘A’ button in the history area now hides goto link (ht/t Bill S.).
  • Update: Sessions List CSV export now includes session ID, ticket ID if present (h/t Travis).

Updates: Tree Node Enhancements, Server Reliability


This week’s updates, as always, are all about YOU. Some recent customer requests that we added into Zingtree include:

  • Persistent buttons now can be accessed via keyboard tabbing (Thanks Carl!)
  • Tree nodes now have option to jump to a specific node in new tree (Thanks Oi Yee!)

And some other things that everybody wants:

  • Added some server reliability checks and redundancy. We had a little bit of down time this week, and thanks to Amazon we now have a better system in place to keep traffic away from unhealthy servers.
  • Cleaned up Tools menu colors and button positions. Hopefully this makes more sense, and you all have discovered the goodies in the More Tools menu by now.
  • There are also a few more data integrity checks when using Designer.

Our customers are always smarter than we are, so if you have a suggestion, comment or bug report, tell us here.

Updates: Collaborators and Billing

Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve had a slew of great ideas for updates. Most recently, we’ve focused on how we handle the roles of multiple people in an organization all using Zingtree. Here are the highlights:

  • Add/manage Collaborators has moved to the drop menu under This Tree, and on the main page of tools.
  • Unassign (remove myself as collaborator), is now called “Remove Me”, and it found under manage Collaborators.
  • The Collaborators screen shows YOUR permissions for the current tree.
  • For payments and billing, there is now a single person in each organization that manages that function. Just this person gets email notices of receipts, too. This “Billing Administrator” can assign the role to someone else.

We also fixed a couple of small bugs, and did some usability studies and enhancements – all very subtle.

As always, please share your great ideas with us!


WordPress Decision Tree Plug-in Update


Version 2.1 of the Zingtree WordPress plug-in is now available! This version uses the latest Zingtree rendering engine, and also supports two new parameters:

hide_title: Hides the name of the tree.

hide_back_button: Removes the Back button from the embedded tree.

Here’s an example:

[zingtree id="773607093" style="panels" hide_title="yes" hide_back_button="yes"]

Download the latest plug-in here.


Here’s an actual embedded tree, using the Zingtree plug-in and the new shortcode parameters.