Self-service in customer support is all the rage these days and it’s for a great reason! The goal for implementing outstanding self-service options for your customers extends beyond decreasing your ticket count. Sure, that’s a great associated benefit, but self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve customer support.   

In fact, there’s been research conducted that proves what we already know. Nuance and Vocal Laboratories Inc. conducted a survey in 2013 that yielded very promising results for us self-service lovers. According to their research2 out of 3 consumers prefer self-service to speaking with a person for customer service inquiries. This is HUGE. Based on reliable polling, it’s been proven that when accomplished correctly (which is exactly what Zingtree specializes in *hint hint) self-service provides speed, efficiency, and modernization to your world of support.

What’s Self-Service “Done Right”?

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you build your Zingtree into an excellent self-service: 

1.   Keep your customers in mind – No one knows your product or service better than your company but don’t forget: you’re not providing customer service to your company! Be careful to meet your customers where they are at, which is more likely than not, in a state of frustration.

2.   Interactive troubleshooting is key – Studies have revealed that it’s not just about throwing up a FAQ or walls of text in a knowledge-base; it’s more about making your customer feel like they are receiving a touch of human interaction from the technology that is powering your self-service options. (EX: making the Nodes in your trees more conversational)

3.   Empower your customers – This is probably my favorite. By making your customers feel empowered to resolve their own issues with an interactive Zingtree, they feel more inclined to contact you with the real issues. In the case they are unable to fully service themselves using your well thought out Tree, and it is time for your support personnel to interact with those users, you can have elevated conversations beyond the basics.