The ultimate cold calling script

Today we may prefer sending emails or instant messages, but that doesn’t mean that cold calling can’t be a powerful asset in your sales toolbox. A great cold call script will support sales reps, allowing your entire team to make flexible, natural calls, while giving them that ever-helpful support to lean on. By following a few simple techniques, a great script will help you to have dynamic and lively conversations with your prospects. Cold calling can be tricky, but with the right cold calling scripts, all that is about to change!

A Good Sales Call Script Requires Detailed Research

It’s all about making quality calls, not cold calls. So, to make their sales calls successful, your sales reps need to warm them up a bit. First things first, arm your team with awesome CRM software to manage all of your relationships. Your sales reps will want to keep track of the people you’re calling, the outcome and what’s happening next. Then, as a team, you need to take a very close look at who to target. Using LinkedIn, your sales reps can research and understand your prospects, finding out what they do in the company and their career history. Taking a look at the company website and their social media will get them up to speed with all the latest news. At this stage, there’s no such thing as over-preparing.

Remind your sales reps to smile and be upbeat on the phone. Every call is an opportunity! It’s time to dial.

Prepare Your Teams’ Sales Call Script

No sales call script is complete without a killer opening. Start your sales reps off by putting them in the shoes of the person receiving the call. More often than not, this person will have been trained to reject sales calls, so your sales reps need to be friendly, and show that they respect the prospect’s time.

Hi, I’m Nichola from Zingtree.

And then, pause. This is important. The person on the other end of the line will be thinking hard about where they know your sales rep from.

Did I catch you at a good time?

Your rep is being friendly and respectful, but they’re not letting the prospect know quite yet that this is a sales call.

Well, I know you’re busy, so I’ll be brief! I work with sales managers in the travel industry with teams of 10-20 representatives. My customers tend to want to increase the productivity of their team. Are you in the same boat?

If they say yes, your sales rep should ask them to share exactly what their problems are. Knowing their obstacles and objectives will help them to understand the customer better.

So, it sounds like this is causing you some trouble. I would love to be able to help with this, do you have a window tomorrow? Say, at 4pm?

Here, your sales rep has shown that they understand the prospect and that you want to help. They have made life easy for the prospect to say yes by proposing an exact time to call again. It is better to establish this second call, rather than to push on the first.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper is Key to Any Great Sales Call Script

Now, your sales rep might have their sales call script ready, but what if it doesn’t go as planned? Don’t worry. Most of the time, the person answering the phone will have been trained to reject sales calls. Sometimes, you need to get past the gatekeeper. In this case, try:

Hi, I’m Tom from Zingtree. I’m trying to reach Sara, I have a quick question about […], please could you put me through?

Other times, they just want to get off the phone. If a gatekeeper or prospect objects to speaking with your sales rep, stay on their side. Your sales rep should acknowledge what they say, try to meet them halfway and offer more information before politely asking again. They might say something like ‘we have an account with your competitor’, ‘this isn’t a priority for us at the moment’, or ‘drop me an email’. In this case, your sales rep can reply with:

I understand this might not be a top priority right at the moment, or maybe the value isn’t clear. Some said the same, but once we had a brief chat about it, they were really glad to have learned more. Give me two minutes, and I promise you’ll know whether or not this is something that could help you.

Here, your sales rep has put themselves in the other person’s shoes and also expressed how similar clients had doubts too, which makes them feel at ease. By stating that you only need 2 minutes, your sales rep has set a limit on how much time they will need to give, which makes it easier for them to agree to.

Make Your Follow-Up as Well-Prepared as the Sales Call Script Itself

Following a strong sales call script will mean very little unless your team prepares properly for the follow-up. The aim of the initial call should be to set up a second meeting – don’t go for a home run on the first attempt. It takes on average 8 touches to get a conversion with a new prospect. Your sales reps should make notes on the call so your whole team can learn for next time, specifically on whether or not that was an effective time of day to call.

Practice makes perfect, so your team should work on their scripts to make them as fluent and comfortable as possible. Sticking to this simple sales call script will help your sales reps to structure their call, but it won’t always go as expected. When this happens, using Zingtree decision trees will help your agents to adapt their script on the go. No matter what the response is from the prospect, Zingtree’s interactive decision trees can help your sales reps to make their scripts flow. Zingtree even integrates directly into the best CRMs so that your sales reps can handle their call from one convenient place.

Enhance your Sales Call

Cold Calling Scripts: The Key Ingredients

Here’s our takeaway to make your team’s cold calling scripts the best they can be.

1. Get the right tools – a good CRM, backed up by Zingtree integration
2. Study the prospect
3. Get your script ready
4. Practice, especially getting that perfect opening
5. Plan your follow up
6. Make notes on each call
7. Don’t give up!