New Updates: Improved Image Import, Content Editor and More



We’ve been working hard on making Zingtree easier and more fun to use, and today our customers get to enjoy a new and improved Zingtree experience. Here’s all the exciting news:

The Big Stuff:

  • You can now copy and paste images into node content.
  • We’re using a better node content editor, which can work full screen, do text and background colors, and more. This is used in Edit Node, Wizard and Designer.
  • Edit Node now has a Preview button.
  • Wizard and Designer cooperate better. Trees created in Wizard now look good in designer, and unlinked nodes don’t get deleted.

The Nitty Gritty Details:


  • Trees created in Wizard and viewed in Designer now show nodes automatically arranged in a more organized layout.
  • Unlinked buttons now appear red to show incompleteness.

Content Editor:

  • You can paste images without having to upload them. This is great for including screenshots. You can even scale images as well.
  • Full screen edit mode.
  • Video embeds are cleaner.
  • Text colors and background colors can be set.


  • Now includes better text editor.
  • No longer deletes unlinked buttons if Save is pressed.
  • Edit Node: New Preview button shows how page will look when published.

Tools / Hosting / Reports:

  • Zingtree hosted trees with email nodes now show page title at the top.
  • Hosted trees now have Back & Top buttons.
  • You can see credits usage history for your accounts.
  • Reporting shows proper button text when a node has multiple buttons with different text going to the same node.
  • Reports summary now makes more sense.

These changes will make your Zingtree experience even better.¬†We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new features, so please find us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply leave a comment below!

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