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Some of our corporate customers have asked about ways to restrict access to their trees to a specific IP address or range.  This week’s update lets you do just that.

Using CIDR notation, you can add a series of IP addresses as white lists. Any request coming from outside the range you designate will be denied access. If you opt out of restricting access, the entire world will be able to view your tree. You can read more about CIDR here.

Here’s how to restrict access to your decision trees:

1. Go to the Settings tool for your tree, and click the Security tab.

2. Locate Restrict Access to IP Ranges:

3. Enter the IP address ranges to allow in CIDR format, one per line.

4. Click Update Settings when done.

Thanks to Richard C. and Romualdo for the inspiration!

Have any more brilliant ideas like these to make Zingtree even better? Please reach out to us at any time