There’s nothing we love more than hearing from you. Your issues and uses of Zingtree. Which is why our March 8th update was inspired in response to several customers who asked for more ways to tailor the look and feel of your Zingtrees. Plus, we added a few more nifty reporting options, and some general cleanup based on your feedback.

We have more details on customization here, but here’s the summary of what else is new:

  • We now have a LinkedIn group set up for discussing all things Zingtree.
  • New option to customize by including custom CSS in Zingtree hosted, iFrame deployments.
  • Fixed alignment on deployed nodes with 1 or 2 buttons across.
  • Page titles and buttons can now include HTML — including FontAwesome icon code.
  • Clicks and usage reports with no data no longer show an error message. (h/t Blair)
  • Better session tracking reporting, with more accurate button click information.
  • Added source-tracking for iFrame.
  • Zingtree-hosted deployments now have tracking for individual agents or traffic sources.
  • The sessions list report shows total time for each session.
  • Properly track button clicks to open link nodes.

Have a feature request? Let us know! We’re listening.