After publishing our article on result tracking with Zingtree, it occurred to us that we could do even better.

Rather than having to wait for people to use your decision trees to see results, we decided it would be much more useful to be able to show successes, failures, and undecided results immediately whenever you change the category of any node.

So if you have a tree that’s been in use, go back and categorize each node using Overview > Edit Node. Then, view the Results report to see how successful your tree has been. If you change the category of a node, results reporting updates instantly!

Some other updates with this release:

  • New: You can use zt-name and zt-email for data entry variable names to have these automatically propagate into email submit form fields for name and email (h/t Todd).
  • New: Insert #source# or #agent# in any question or final answer node to insert the name of the agent using the tree (h/t Nilou).
  • New: You can add Custom CSS to ALL your trees using a new checkbox in any tree’s Settings.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer remove yourself as a collaborator when there are no other admins.
  • Update: The ‘A’ button in the history area now hides goto link (ht/t Bill S.).
  • Update: Sessions List CSV export now includes session ID, ticket ID if present (h/t Travis).