You guys are awesome! We’ve received a few suggestions from some of you recently to make Zingtree even more useful. These are now live.

Here’s what we heard:

  • Increase the number of buttons per node”.  Done.  Is 30 buttons enough?
  • “Allow us to add merge variables to a node”.  Done. You can now pass in merge values for the title, content, question or button text.  For example, a software company wanted to pass in the latest version number into a troubleshooter tree, without having to change the tree each time. Mission accomplished by just adding a couple of parameters to the end of the URL.

Here’s a quick primer on adding merge variables:

  1. Edit a node, and insert text like “#NAME#”, “#VERSION#’ anywhere into the node where you want to substitute a variable.
  2. Pass the name of the variables, and their corresponding values, into the URL for hosting or deploying your tree.  Separate the variables with a | character. Just add a string like this to the end of the Zingtree hosted URL or within the embed code:

More information: